Cherish Sharmaine Interior, the latest viral girl on social media with her video slapping an old taxi driver named Virgilio Doctor, is facing a big problem now. Eventhough she already ask forgiveness through a public apology, she will be facing the case filed against her by Mr. Doctor. Everyone whoRead More →

The controversial girl who recently became viral in social media when a video of her, slapping an old taxi driven along Congressional road, Manila reached millions of views. She received more than enough bashers online, and the harshest comments as well saying what she did to the man was unacceptable.Read More →

Jollibee, the most beloved Filipino fast food chain is known in producing touching and tear-jerking commercials that always go viral. They clinched the soft and emotional spot of every Pinoy with a very simple yet cinematic plot and at the end, there’s come the twist. Every Jollibee commercial we’ve seenRead More →

On her facebook post, pro-Duterte blogger Sass Rogando Sasot wrote an open letter for Senator Antonio Trillanes: Dear Trillanes: “Nakita ko kagabi ang tattoo ni Pulong. Nagawa ko ang di mo nagawa: ang paghubarin siya. *bites lower lip* Gusto ko lang malaman mo na hindi sacred digits ang nakita koRead More →