Facebook says hackers got to information of 29M users Facebook says the hackers accessed the names, phone numbers, and email addresses of 15 million users. For another 14 million people, the attack was potentially more damaging. Facebook said Friday, October 12, that hackers accessed personal data of 29 million usersRead More →

Nieto’s basis over PCOO Asec. Uson resignation The Resurrection of Mocha Uson A news outlet distributed a rundown of every single formal grumbling recorded at the PCOO against previous Asec. MOCHA USON BLOG amid her incumbency. Now that she’s resigned, here are a couple of fascinating perceptions: [1] From thisRead More →

Scarborough incident Duterte has informed Chinese ambassador Zhao Jianhua about the nation’s concern, over the Scarborough incident on the South China Sea. Duterte and Zhao had a concise talk inside Aguinaldo’s home here as Duterte drove the 120th Independence Day festivity. “President Duterte shared his worry about the Filipino fishermen,”Read More →

Anthony Bourdain in memory featuring PH foods On his honor winning arrangement, “Parts Unknown,” Bourdain conveyed the world home to CNN watchers. Through the basic demonstration of sharing suppers, he exhibited both the exceptional assorted variety of societies and cooking styles, yet the amount we as a whole have inRead More →

Duterte reiterate Duterte reiterated that he would not provoke China into a war following reports that the Chinese military landed long-range bombers on an airport in the South China Sea. “You know they have the planes, not stationed in Spratly but near the provinces facing – Chinese provinces facing theRead More →

Investigation of NorthKor Investigation U.S. North Korea summit appears to be back on track, but Pyongyang is showing increased impatience at comments coming out of Washington that what leader Kim Jong Un really wants, even more than his nuclear security blanket, is American-style prosperity.   It’s a core issue forRead More →

Trump meets Abe President Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe agreed Monday that it is “imperative” to completely dismantle North Korea’s nuclear weapons and ballistic missile program, the White House said. The US and Japanese leaders will meet ahead of a much anticipated summit with North Korea’s KimRead More →