No. 18 Health Simple DESTINATIONS TO UNPLUG ARE THE NEW *IT* SPOTS Super-cool telephone free social clubs, deliberately no-WiFi bistros, and different conditions for IRL association are on the ascent—and sought after. Setting aside a few minutes to unplug is a higher need than at any other time, and placesRead More →

No. 17 HEALTH WOMEN’S COWORKING CLUBS: CHIC COVENS FOR CONNECTION Welcome to present day organizing, where shrew, drive in ladies are making associations, building connections, and plotting global control over matcha… in a women’s activist first (and Instagram-commendable) setting. When bound to lounge book clubs and Lean In circles, ladiesRead More →

No. 16 HEALTH KOMBUCHA GOES BIG—AND CRAFTIER Here’s a fizzy conundrum for you: 2018 might be the year gut-wellbeing inviting kombucha turns out to be more mass and more specialty than any other time in recent memory. The once-cloud aged tea drink is currently altogether standard, and with its freshlyRead More →

No. 15 HEALTH CLEAN MAKEUP FINALLY NAILS BOLD COLOR AND FULL COVERAGE The “no-cosmetics look” has been so interwove with non-dangerous cosmetics that it’s difficult to envision that could ever change. Be that as it may, now clean corrective organizations are starting to make each genuinely pigmented shade you couldRead More →

No. 12 HEALTH: WELCOME TO THE ERA OF LUNAR EVERYTHING… In 2018, everybody’s getting to be moonstruck. Discussions about Mercury in retrograde and your Saturn return are getting to be as standard as horoscopes. Anticipate that month to month Moon Reports will develop in prominence, as more individuals counsel theRead More →

No. 11 HEALTH BIOHACKING IS THE NEXT WAVE OF WOMEN’S WELLNESS Biohacking may have begun as a Silicon Valley young men’s club to catalyze better wellbeing, with Bulletproof espresso, Paleo eating regimens, and instruments for a Four-Hour Body. In any case, progressively female wellbeing pioneers are guaranteeing the development asRead More →

No. 10 HEALTH ACTIVE WEAR SHOWS ITS SOFTER SIDE There’s an a la mode move occurring in wellness form: Pretty neutrals that evade “dress like a competitor” dark Spandex will require some space in your storeroom. Activewear organizations are progressively center around gentler tones, similar to nudes, redden pinks, seafoams,Read More →