Meet Dolfi The Next Gen Washing Device

For many of us, a laundry machine that is actually in your home can only be considered as a luxury.

Throughout university and well into your adult life, you probably have had some pretty horrifying memories of dragging a big bag of dirty clothes down the street to the laundromat (a.k.a. hell). As you wait for your washing to be done, sitting on the dingy floor, you curse and shake your fist that your apartment doesn’t have a washing machine. And the worst part? Your delicates are completely destroyed now in thanks to the machine.

We feel you. We so, so feel you.

For that, we would like to introduce you to something little, but oh-so-extraordinary: Dolfi.

Dolfi is a hand-size product developed by MPI Ultrasonics engineering laboratories in Switzerland and it’s dubbed the “next gen washing device.”

Using the power of ultrasonic technology, Dolfi, which uses 80 times less energy than a standard washing machine, cleans even the most delicate of fabrics without damaging or discolouring. With its no rubbing, whirling, stretching and fading qualities, this little device cleans fabrics from the inside, which means your threads (including lace, silk and cashmere) are left odour and dirt-free.

Started on Indiegogo, the $149 device will be shipped to Indiegogo supporters before Dolfi takes pre-orders from the public.

So how does it work? All you have to do is stick your laundry in a sink, fill it with water, add detergent and turn on the device. The powerful transducer emits ultrasonic waves available in different settings that travel through water to form high pressure bubbles which safely wash away dirt from the fabric. After about 30 minutes, you rinse your clothes, hang them to dry and off you go.

“We want people to have more fun on their travels rather than stress about costly laundry service, or spend time searching for coin laundries, or even waste luggage space packing extra clean clothing,” Andre Fangueiro, Dolfi’s product designer, told the Daily Mail.

Yup, this is the answer to all your laundry woes.

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