Makakaiyak nga ba sa kalawakan ang astronaut?

Makakaiyak nga ba sa kalawakan ang astronaut?

Yes off course. The only difference between crying in zero gravity and on earth is that on earth the tears flows down through your cheeks because of earth’s gravitational force but in zero gravity that tear doesn’t flows down simply, instead it makes a ball itself and geys collected on your eyeball. So you must have to use wipes to dry it out.

But sometimes this simply could become a disaster in zero gravity. I remember an interview of Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield when during a spacewalk something came into his eyes and in a short time, he had a big tear ball generated on his eyeball and he was not able to wipe it out in his spacesuit.

And he had to face this disaster for more than 30 minutes of itching. And after that he was able to see clear visuals after removing that tear ball by rapid flow of oxygen through his helmet.

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