PNP: ‘Double standard’ in Imelda, Trillanes arrest? Marcos less of a flight risk

PNP: ‘Double standard’ in Imelda, Trillanes arrest? Marcos less of a flight risk

Trillanes, Imelda Marcos

PNP: ‘Double standard’ in Imelda, Trillanes arrest? Marcos less of a flight risk

The Philippine National Police (PNP) defended itself from criticism that it was applying double standards in the case of graft convict Ilocos Norte 2nd District Rep. Imelda Marcos, saying the former first lady is less of a flight risk compared to opposition Senator Antonio Trillanes IV.

Speaking to CNN Philippines’ The Source on Tuesday, PNP Spokesperson Bong Durana said they needed to beef up police forces leading up to the arrest of Trillanes after President Rodrigo Duterte voided his amnesty as he was a flight risk and had supporters who gathered outside of the Senate premises.

“He (Trillanes) may be a flight risk and at the same time there may be some risk as we execute the warrant of arrest,” Durana said. “He has some supporters that we would need to consider.”

Durana added that they would have to consider “the age, the health condition” of the 89-year-old Marcos in conducting an operation to arrest her.

The PNP spokesperson said this in response to critics who pointed out that the police are not as “eager” to arrest Marcos compared to Trillanes.

“[The police] practically haunted the court, waiting for a decision. Where is the enthusiasm now when it comes to arresting Imelda?” freelance journalist Alan Robles said Friday on Twitter.

Following the publication of Duterte’s Proclamation No. 572 voiding Trillanes’ amnesty, police trooped to the Senate and stayed there as they waited for an arrest warrant. Senators even complained about the presence of uniformed personnel in the Senate compound, calling it a “militarization” of the premises.

Binay Binay Binay Binay

Executing warrant of arrest

But Durana said they just wanted to “proactively prepare” in Trillanes’ case, due to the “work risk” involved in executing the warrant of arrest.

On the other hand, in Marcos’ case, Durana said they cannot arrest her without a warrant from the Sandiganbayan. But he added the anti-graft court “doesn’t show any enthusiasm” in ordering her arrest.

Durana also assured that there would be no special treatment for Marcos.

“We enforce the law without fear or favor. There is no VIP treatment for anybody. I think that was made very clear by the PNP,” he said.

As of Monday, the Sandiganbayan is yet to issue an arrest warrant for Marcos for her failure to appear during the promulgation last Friday that found her guilty of seven counts of graft.

Her camp filed yesterday a motion for leave of court to avail of post conviction remedies, asking the court to allow her to avail of all legal remedies available, including appealing the case.

The court will hear this on Friday, November 16, and choose whether or not to acknowledge her clarification for her nonattendance amid the proclamation. She can record a movement for reexamination if the court acknowledges her reasons, while her safeguard might be dropped or she might be requested captured if the court rejects her clarification.

Imelda Marcos Imelda Marcos Imelda Marcos Imelda Marcos Imelda Marcos

Trillanes, Imelda Marcos

Substantial reason expressing something else

Marcos is likewise anticipated that would be physically present on the conference for her movement on Friday except if there is a substantial reason expressing something else.

“Mrs. Imelda Marcos could profit documenting movement for reexamination and in the meantime the offense is bailable,” Durana stated, citing an administration examiner. “Certainly, that is one of the elements to think about when you evaluate the level of risk.”

The Sandiganbayan condemned the widow of the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos to a jail term of no less than six years and multi month up to 11 years “for each situation” where she was discovered liable. She was condemned to seven tallies of unite, which implies she could serve imprison time from 42 years and seven months up to 77 years.

The sentence likewise unendingly bans her from holding open office, however the Ilocos Norte solon who is running for senator in the May 2019 surveys could in any case keep running until the point when the Sandiganbayan’s choice winds up last and executory.

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