Philippines facing a ‘human rights calamity’- De Lima

Philippines facing a ‘human rights calamity’- De Lima

De Lima

Philippines facing a ‘human rights calamity’- De Lima

Opposition Senator Leila De Lima has warned the public about deliberate efforts to sugarcoat the costs of the Duterte administration’s all-out war on drugs that caused thousands of casualties, including innocent children and young people.

In her message during the National Human Rights Assessment Forum and ahead of the 70th anniversary celebration of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), De Lima said the country is facing a “human rights calamity.”

De Lima De Lima

“With so many killings and abuses going on and with such level of impunity that this regime has ushered in, the challenge for us is not to lose track of the real numbers, the real perpetrators and masterminds, and the real and wicked agenda behind these atrocities,” she said.

De Lima De Lima

Worsening human rights situation

De Lima’s message during the National Human Rights Assessment Forum held at the Commission on Human Rights Building, in Diliman, Quezon City last Nov. 12 was read by Atty. Jacqueline Mejia, a representative from the Senator’s office.

The forum was organized to assess the worsening human rights situation in the country and to find ways how advocates and victims of abuses can find unfettered truth and exact justice and accountability.

De Lima underscored the need for public vigilance against fake data and disinformation peddled by no less that the President and his cohorts to advance their selfish agendas.

“[This government] hides the traces of its crimes by using Orwellian nonsense, that is to say, it says one thing to mean another, a doublespeak,” she cautioned.

De Lima De Lima De Lima

The genuine goal of its war

De Lima noticed the administration masks the genuine goal of its war on medications activity by utilizing words, for example, “tokhang” — which intends to approach and talk — while many police agents shoot presumed guilty parties “point dark without hesitating.”

She likewise reviewed how the present organization prevents allegations from claiming additional legal killings utilizing gobbledygook terms like “passings under scrutiny” when there were no examinations done in any case.

De Lima De Lima

“What every one of these (endeavors) attempt to accomplish is to delude the reality checkers, the human rights gatherings, the media and the overall population,” she said.

De Lima said Filipinos should show applied endeavors in standing up and affirming the holiness of life, nobility and equity which is conspicuously neglected by Duterte and his flunkies.

“Huwag po tayong panghihinaan ng loob dahil naniniwala akong sa pamamagitan ng sama-samang pagkilos ay unti-unting mamumulat ang ating mga kababayan at unti-unti rin tayong makakalikha ng isang malakas na kilusan ng taumbayan para sa katotohanan at katarungang ating inaasam,” she said.

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