De Lima mourns rising number of killings in Undas message

De Lima mourns rising number of killings in Undas message

De Lima

De Lima mourns rising number of killings in Undas message

Senator Leila De Lima lamented the continued rise of killings that worsen the scar of every Filipino family on All Souls’ Day.

In a message written in Filipino, De Lima, President Rodrigo Duterte’s staunch critic, said that instead

of seeing an end to the killings, the victims of extrajudicial killings are rising in number.

De Lima

She said this is “something that continuously reminds and opens the wounds felt by the thousands of mothers,

fathers, spouses, children and siblings of the departed kin.”

The senator, who is currently detained for drug cases, called on the Filipino people to honor the dead,

De Lima

but also to uphold and respect human rights.

“Let us continue to pray that our country may achieve peace while justice reigns,” she added in Filipino.

According to a report on The Freeman, Cebu police are preparing for Senate hearings into a spate of

De Lima

killings in the province, where more than 40 were murdered in early October.

The killings raised concerns in Cebu’s business community, who called on the Philippine National

De Lima

Police to solve the cases. Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry vice president Steven Yu said in

a separate The Freeman report that the province “needs peace and order to sell itself to investors.”

De Lima

Syndicates and vigilantes

The government has attributed many of the killings to criminals, drug syndicates and vigilantes and has

rejected the allegation that EJKs are a government policy.

Meanwhile, EJK complaint at International Criminal Court
Kin of alleged extrajudicial killings have brought their case to the International Criminal Court in the hope of prosecuting Duterte for crimes against humanity. The president, however, has continuously insisted that the international tribunal has no jurisdiction over his person.

The Philippine government acknowledges more than 4,900 have died in law enforcement operations under the administration’s brutal war against drugs, but human rights group put the numbers at more than 20,000 already, as cited in the latest communication filed before the ICC.

De Lima

Duterte: Honor the departed, emulate the saints
Duterte, meanwhile, urged the Filipino faithful to honor the departed and live like the saints as

the nation observes All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day.

In his message, Duterte called on Filipinos to “honor those who have gone before us in the grace of God.”

“Their legacy remains an important part of who we are today and we have so much to gain from their virtuous example,” said the tough-talking leader who admits to killing in some of his freestyle speeches.

De Lima

Advocates of peace and solidarity

“May their deeds inspire us to become advocates of peace and solidarity as we do our part in building our nation and in alleviating the suffering of others,” he added.

Sen. Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan, for his part, urged the Filipino people become the modern-day saints that the nation needs.

“May their deeds rouse us to end up supporters of peace and solidarity as we do our part in building our country and in reducing the enduring of others,” he included.

De Lima

Sen. Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan, as far as it matters for him, asked the Filipino individuals turn into the advanced holy people that the country needs.

“Holy people are individuals. They questioned, trespassed, wandered off. However, they attempted to amend their ways and moved toward becoming operators of progress in the public arena,” Pangilinan said in an announcement.

De Lima

Further, amidst bad form, debasement, maltreatment of condition, unethical behavior, killings in the general public we live in today, we require current holy people,” he included.

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