‘No militarization’ at BOC, as 10-month endure hits P482B

‘No militarization’ at BOC, as 10-month endure hits P482B

'No militarization' at BOC, as 10-month endure hits P482B

‘No militarization’ at BOC, as 10-month endure hits P482B

AMID a verbal presidential order to let the military take over its operations to stop corruption and the repeated smuggling of illegal drugs, the Bureau of Customs (BOC) reported on Wednesday that its collections as of October 29 this year have reached P481.72 billion, higher by 31.3 percent than last year’s end-October collection of P366.74 billion.

At turnover rites at the BOC headquarters, outgoing Customs Commissioner Isidro S. Lapeña reported that, “Based on the latest preliminary record of the BOC financial service, from January to October 29, 2018, the bureau has already exceeded its collection target for the period” by P15.03 billion.

The preliminary figure was also pointed out to have breached the bureau’s target collection for the 10-month period of P466.69 billion.

'No militarization' at BOC, as 10-month endure hits P482B

Percent of the collection target

The BOC’s collection from January 1 to October 29 this year already represents 82.9 percent of the collection target

for 2018, according to Lapeña, whom the President “promoted” to a Cabinet rank position as director general of the

Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (Tesda) following his admission, that, indeed, the magnetic lifters

'No militarization' at BOC, as 10-month endure hits P482B

discovered in a Cavite warehouse had been used to smuggle in shabu, with a worth variously estimated from P6.8 billion to P11 billion.

Lapeña turned over the helm of the BOC on Wednesday to another retired military general, Rey Leonardo B. Guerrero, who had a successful stint as chief regulator at the Maritime Industry Authority (Marina), after he stepped down as chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

“I am sure the incoming Customs leadership will be able to achieve the remaining collection in order to hit the 2018 target,” Lapeña said of his successor, who in turn assured the mainly civilian work force at the country’s second-biggest revenue agency that they will keep their jobs but that he hoped they could all work together with him to prove that corruption is not the norm at the bureau.

'No militarization' at BOC, as 10-month endure hits P482B

Business assured

In a related development, Trade Secretary Ramon M. Lopez said President Duterte’s plan to militarize the BOC

will not hamper the flow of goods in ports, and could even lead to smoother trade procedures.

In a statement, Lopez told businesses not to worry about any delays in the shipment of their goods if the administration

of the BOC is handed over to the military. The President has been flirting with the idea of turning over customs regulation to the country’s armed forces.

He was disgusted with how things are going in the BOC, following a dispute between the regulator and the Philippine

Drug Enforcement Agency over the entry of up to P11 billion of crystal meth in the Port of Manila.

“In the event that you have a go at applying [the] same answers for [the] same old issues, something must not be right.

'No militarization' at BOC, as 10-month endure hits P482B

It’s the President’s interesting way to deal with old issues [corruption in the BOC],” Lopez included.

The exchange boss additionally trusts the military may make traditions techniques more consistent, as they are relied upon

to cut formality and dispense with debasement in the organization.

Lopez contended, “I accept [the] military will be there to help in the authorization and including better controls, diminishing

or dispensing with debasement without influencing the smoother work process and preparing of archives in the BOC. As

indicated by DOF [Department of Finance], the productive and legit work compel well-known in the activities will keep on being there.”

'No militarization' at BOC, as 10-month endure hits P482B

Gathering target

Stresses over the landing and conveyance of shipments heaped up over the previous days, as the BOC was set in

boiling water because of the carrying of precious stone meth, which brought about Duterte revamping the office. In any

case, his intend to put the BOC under military control caused fears that shipments may be deferred amid the Christmas season.

Besides, as per the BOC its accumulation focus for 2018 was set at P581.291 billion. The BOC should gather around P99.57 billion

for the staying two months of the year to hit its yearly accumulation target or if nothing else P49.78 billion every month.

For October alone, accumulations of the department accounted for to around P47.10 billion as of October 29, or, in

'No militarization' at BOC, as 10-month endure hits P482B

other words higher than the recorded P42.91 billion recorded in October 2017. Be that as it may, contrasted with its gathering

focus for the long stretch of P49.06 billion, the primer accumulation is still lower by 4.2 percent.

In his goodbye discourse, Lapeña stated, “I will ask for the approaching magistrate, Rey Guerrero to work out the prizes that

the department representatives legitimately merit if the BOC surpasses its objective during the current year.”

Meanwhile, in a tolerating the job, Guerrero stated, “Today, as I acknowledge obligation of driving the BOC, I resolve to present with reason

and viably. For this assignment I thank the President for his proceeded with trust and trust in my capacities to lead the group,

guided by his mandate to start changes and wash down the organization of defilement.”

'No militarization' at BOC, as 10-month endure hits P482B

Endeavors against debasement

Hence, Guerrero included, “As I take control of the BOC, expect that the endeavors against debasement will both

conclusive and persistent as I center around tending to foundational shortcomings, actualizing more grounded inward

defends, improving uprightness frameworks, and building abilities and limits of our law implementation.”

On the President’s mandate to supplant BOC work force with formally dressed equipped faculty to free the organization of

defilement, Guerrero said there is no militarization as most of the representatives of the BOC will in any case run the agency.

'No militarization' at BOC, as 10-month endure hits P482B

“The mandate of the President to have military individuals… plainly the officers of the BOC will in any case be responsible for

the tasks. We should evaluate the circumstance and choose properly,” he said.

“We should recover the trust of those whom we serve, and we begin by building trust between and among us. I should have the

capacity to confide in each and every part in the BOC, to be completely forthright and upright, and every one of you needs to

confide in me in my responsibility and ability to lead with respectability. Trust works both courses and by trusting our common

Further, objectives and solitary commitment to serve our nation and our kin, we will have enough dreams and inspiration to change

old ways and clear a path for better administration,” he included.

'No militarization' at BOC, as 10-month endure hits P482B

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