‘PH enjoying relationship with China’- Duterte

‘PH enjoying relationship with China’- Duterte

'PH enjoying relationship with China'- Duterte

‘PH enjoying relationship with China’- Duterte

The Philippines has now “normalized” with China and is “enjoying the best of our relationship.”

President Rodrigo Duterte on Sunday hailed the country’s revitalized relationship with China in the presence of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who was visiting Davao City.

'PH enjoying relationship with China'- Duterte

“First is that we are enjoying the best of our relationship,” the President said during the birthday celebration of former

Foreign Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano in the city, where Wang was a guest.

He added: “We have normalized our relationship and I thank you China for all the things that you have done for me.”

'PH enjoying relationship with China'- Duterte

Upon assuming office on June 30, 2016, the President decided to foster closer economic and defense ties with China.

He temporarily set aside the country’s territorial dispute with China in the West Philippine Sea, saying the Philippines could not possibly win a war against China.

Instead, he decided to pursue bilateral dialogue with China to manage the territorial conflict while asking China to “temper its behavior” in the disputed territory.

'PH enjoying relationship with China'- Duterte

Improved trade ties

This came amid reports that China had been warning ships and aircraft that were getting too close to the artificial islands it had built on islets it was claiming.

On Sunday night, the President said he was “very happy” with the improved trade relations between the Philippines and China.

'PH enjoying relationship with China'- Duterte

“I’d jump at the chance to guarantee the remote pastor that the Philippines is exceptionally content with our

present exchange and our whatever agrarian cognizance of our race, and the way that you have given job at any

'PH enjoying relationship with China'- Duterte

rate to many individuals on the off chance that you consider the importations that you have permitted my nation,” he included.

Both Wang and Foreign Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. additionally noticed the fellowship among China and the Philippines at their joint public interview on Monday.

'PH enjoying relationship with China'- Duterte

“Huge numbers of our kin share a similar family line,” said Wang, who was in Davao for the introduction of the

Chinese Consulate and for the consenting to of respective arrangements with Philippine authorities.

'PH enjoying relationship with China'- Duterte

Not a risk to PH

“China will never be an opponent for the Philippines, not by any means a risk. Since President Duterte took

office, he had maintained an autonomous remote approach and defeat outside obstruction,” said the Chinese authority.

“We will dependably be your most earnest and reliable companion,” he included.

Wang said his nation was enthusiastic about pushing for a joint oil and gas investigation in the South China Sea.

'PH enjoying relationship with China'- Duterte

“China is prepared to additionally talk about joint advancement of oil and gas in South China Sea,

to hold contrasts and seek after local improvement,” he said.

Wang said that such a joint endeavor could likewise set a case for comparable collaboration among China and different nations in the area.

“China is prepared to work with the Philippines and the nations in the locale to upgrade collaboration, defeat outer

interruptions and mediation and finish up COC (set of accepted rules) dialogs at another date

so COC could really fill in as a stabilizer for the South China Sea,” he said.

'PH enjoying relationship with China'- Duterte

Implicit rules

Asked whether the COC on the South China Sea was lawfully authoritative, Wang said China would entirely withstand

and solidly actualize any record it had marked, regardless of whether it was legitimately official or not.

Locsin said the Philippines was supporting China’s Belt and Road Initiative, saying Beijing’s accomplishment

in the advancement, technique would likewise profit Manila.

Wang said China would bolster the Philippine advancement plan and would have it dovetailed with the Belt and Road Initiative.

'PH enjoying relationship with China'- Duterte

“China is prepared to help Mindanao area in further advancement,” he said.

Wang said China was among the individuals who acted quickly to help the Philippines in weaponry, insight and other military

help when Islamic State-connected psychological militants assaulted Marawi City a year ago.

He said Beijing additionally gave P1.5 billion as postconflict recovery help.

The Chinese best ambassador additionally vowed to work for the importation of Mindanao foods

grown from the ground grants to Filipino understudies.

'PH enjoying relationship with China'- Duterte

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