Prosecute, not advance, Lapeña- Duterte

Prosecute, not advance, Lapeña- Duterte

Prosecute, not advance, Lapeña- Duterte

Prosecute, not advance, Lapeña- Duterte

Opposition lawmakers rebuked President Rodrigo Duterte for promoting Customs Commissioner Isidro Lapeña to his Cabinet despite the alleged smuggling of billions of pesos worth of “shabu” (crystal meth) through the Bureau of Customs (BOC).

Months after insisting that no shabu had been concealed in four magnetic lifters that slipped through customs, Lapeña on Wednesday conceded that the equipment could have contained drugs, which the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) estimated to be about 1.6 tons and worth about P11 billion.

On Thursday, Mr. Duterte announced Lapeña’s new assignment as the head of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority

Prosecute, not advance, Lapeña- Duterte

(Tesda), a Cabinet post, a move that surprised the customs chief himself.

Presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo on Friday said Mr. Duterte had long been thinking of Lapeña’s appointment to Tesda and this was just “hastened ahead of schedule, because the President wants to spare him from intrigue because he is being relentlessly criticized.”

ACT Teachers Rep. France Castro said Lapeña should deal with criminal indictments for his inability to keep the shabu shipment from entering the nation and sneaking past traditions.

Prosecute, not advance, Lapeña- Duterte

“They are actually great warriors,” she said.

Akbayan Rep. Tom Villarin said Lapeña’s new arrangement demonstrates the President’s “melodic seat strategy” proposed to influence people in general to trust that the administration was endeavoring to stem defilement “in any case, nothing leaves it.”

“While his request is to quickly kill common medication clients, his associates and companions get second and third possibilities. They are even advanced,” Villarin said.

Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, in any case, rapidly went to the barrier of Mr. Duterte, saying the “President realizes what he’s doing.”

Prosecute, not advance, Lapeña- Duterte

“Let me simply say that I’ve been (a) President and I know pretty much that the President needs to consider such a significant number of things when he settles on his choice. So I’m not going to be a piece of the shelled nut exhibition making remarks on his activities,” Arroyo told correspondents in Pampanga.

Arroyo likewise upheld Mr. Duterte’s choice to supplant Lapeña with another resigned general, Rey Leonardo Guerrero, a previous Armed Forces of the Philippines head of staff.

Sen. Panfilo Lacson said Lapeña’s arrangement as Tesda make a beeline for be “unquestionably a downgrade in trust and certainty.”

“It’s a pity since put something aside for the huge shabu shipment that escaped, clearly because of plot between the medication syndicate and some low-level traditions authorities, he was working to perfection demonstrated by reliably surpassing the agency’s objective accumulations,” Lacson said in an instant message.

Prosecute, not advance, Lapeña- Duterte

Intention addressed

Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV addressed Mr. Duterte’s intentions in advancing Lapeña.

“In the event that he’s great and trusted, why expel him from Customs? Presently, on the off chance that he fastened up or was included medication pirating, why advance him?” Trillanes said.

As indicated by Trillanes, the main clarification is that the President was compensating Lapeña’s “unwaveringness and assurance his quiet and proceeded with collaboration, much like what he did to (Nicanor) Faeldon. Both ex-traditions chiefs most likely know the genuine brains behind those tremendous shabu shipments.”

Prosecute, not advance, Lapeña- Duterte

Sen. Francis Pangilinan trusts that Lapeña’s advancement throws questions on the organization’s truthfulness in battling defilement and unlawful medications.

“Whenever ineptitude or defilement go unpunished and those connected to anomalies are remunerated with other best level posts, at that point both inadequacy and debasement will simply deteriorate,” Pangilinan said.

Sen. Elegance Poe said she was stunned by the President’s choice.

Prosecute, not advance, Lapeña- Duterte

‘Stunning’ speed

“I don’t comprehend that. The facts may confirm that Commissioner Lapeña didn’t know about what was going on the ground, obviously there is direction obligation. Presently, I stunned by the speed of his turnover,” she told journalists in Tacloban City.

“What would he be able to achieve in Tesda? Possibly he has what it takes, we don’t have a clue, however it is stunning,” Poe said.

In the wake of reporting Lapeña’s new task, Mr. Duterte protected his inclination for resigned military and police work force to head some regular citizen organizations.

Regular folks, as indicated by the President, have a tendency to make inquiries and hold gatherings that add to the bureaucratic formality.

Prosecute, not advance, Lapeña- Duterte

“I don’t have anything against the administration. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need something done and done quick, per your request, you get a military man,” Mr. Duterte said on Thursday.

As a legal counselor, he guaranteed his representatives that he would not give them illicit requests.

A few resigned military and police authorities are as of now serving in high government positions.

They incorporate resigned Army boss Rolando Bautista, the new social welfare secretary; previous Chief of Staff Roy Cimatu, nature secretary; and Eduardo Año, another previous military boss, who is inside secretary.

Prosecute, not advance, Lapeña- Duterte


Resigned Gen. Eduardo del Rosario is lodging secretary and Task Force Bangon Marawi seat and another previous general, Glorioso Miranda, is a board individual from the Bases Conversion and Development Authority.

The organization has likewise “reused” a few presidential nominees who had terminated or had surrendered.

Among the more unmistakable ones is Faeldon, who surrendered following the carrying of P6.4 billion worth of shabu a year ago. He named appointee manager of the Office of Civil Defense a year ago and afterward Bureau of Corrections executive this year.

Prosecute, not advance, Lapeña- Duterte

Another is Ernesto Abella, previous presidential representative, who is currently a remote undersecretary.

Tourism Undersecretary Jose Gabriel “Pompee” La Viña, sacked from the Social Security System for supposed flawed exercises.

Martin Diño lost his post as seat of Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority because of an administration

question yet designated inside undersecretary.

Manuel Serra Jr., let go from the Presidential Commission for the Urban Poor for making such a large number

of remote excursions, is presently a board individual from the Philippine Coconut Authority.

Prosecute, not advance, Lapeña- Duterte

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