Napoles US indictment is ‘welcome news’- De Lima

Napoles US indictment is ‘welcome news’- De Lima

Napoles US indictment is ‘welcome news’- De Lima

Napoles US indictment is ‘welcome news’- De Lima

Even if it happened in the United States, the indictment of alleged pork barrel scam

mastermind Janet Lim-Napoles is still “welcome news” for Senator Leila De Lima.

Napoles and five of her family members recently indict by the Department of

Justice of the United States for reportedly conspiring to channel some $20 million of government funds from the Philippines to the U.S.

“This is welcome news, given the fact that the present Duterte administration has made

it a point instead to release plunderers and partner with them instead of prosecuting them,” the detained opposition senator said in a statement Friday.

“In any event, with the U.S. arraignment of Napoles and her family, we can, in any event,

depend on equity improve the situation us in another nation while foul play keeps on reigning in our own,” she said.

De Lima to blame Duterte’s Administration

De Lima contended it was the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte through Solicitor

General Jose Calida who had absolved Napoles for the wrongdoing of genuine illicit confinement.

The kept congressperson additionally bemoaned how Napoles was considered as a state witness

in the pork barrel cases now pending in the Sandiganbayan.

“The U.S. arraignment of Napoles and family is a reasonable revocation of the Duterte government’s

endeavors through then Justice Secretary Aguirre to restore Napoles and utilize her against uncooperative lawmakers,” she said.

Regardless of the organization’s affirmed “association with raiders,” De Lima said she stays confident that “the looting criminals that Duterte has safeguarded from shame will, in any case, confront equity.”

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