Journalist says movie episode on Aquino’s death

Journalist says movie episode on Aquino’s death

Journalist says movie episode on Aquino's deathJournalist says movie episode on Aquino’s death

Sometime in 1987, Teddy Benigno, then newly installed as press secretary for President Cory Aquino,

invited Repertory Philippines executive director Zenaida Amador to Malacañang.

Benigno, a veteran newspaperman, wanted Amador to give him pointers on how not to get rattled

during media conferences, especially under the glare of TV cameras.

When Benigno ushered Amador into a hall in Malacañang, she asked him if that was the same place

where the dictator Ferdinand Marcos was rumored to have thrown an ashtray during a meeting shortly after the assassination of Ninoy Aquino.

The horrible joke was Marcos lost his temper and yelled that the request was to slaughter Ninoy—however not at the air terminal.


Nowadays, what number of individuals mind at all that Aug. 21 is Ninoy Aquino Day, besides it being an exceptional nonworking occasion?

Indeed, yesterday, 35 years after the murder of Marcos’ political archrival and faultfinder—a pivotal

occasion that hastened the defeat of the fascism—Ninoy Aquino Day appeared to have been put aside,

if not eclipsed, by President Duterte, who proclaimed Aug. 21 likewise as the devour day of Eid al-Adha,

or Feast of Sacrifice, which Muslims generally celebrate on Aug. 22.

Truth to tell, the memory of Aquino’s affliction has, alarmingly, subject to a gigantic revisionism

by paid trolls and coordinate phony news.

Be that as it may, one person has put in the previous 18 years uncovering relatively every bit of record

identified with the Aquino death, including occasions and episodes going before it, in an offer to set things straight.

From his examination, independent author Chris Viriña has composed a film content that digs on the annoying

inquiry of not exactly who requests arrange and executes the murder of Aquino upon his entry from banish

in the United States, at the same time, more significantly, why he quiete with a solitary slug to the head.


Viriña, 54, child of veteran radio-TV-film scriptwriter Loida Flores Viriña, grew up under military law and crisp out

of school when Filipinos—officially stunned by Aquino’s murder and further insulted by widespread conning in

the 1986 races—drove Marcos out of Malacañang in the Edsa People Power Revolution.

On what impel him to compose the content for the docu-show, whose working title is “Hindi Ka Nag-iisa,” he state: “In light of the fact that no one has challenge, and it appears there’s some kind of problem with that piece of our history and furthermore what’s occurring today.”

Prior to composing a first draft of the content, he said he completed a ton of research regarding the matter.

He experienced the entire report of the Agrava Fact-Finding Commission, which Marcos framed to examine the Aquino case, and watched recordings and read various articles identified with it.

He went to the National Library to peruse upon Aquino to show signs of improvement energy about the man. “The Conjugal Dictatorship” and different books on the 1986 Edsa People Power Revolution gave him a more profound comprehension of military law and Edsa 1.

Custodio denied his assertions.

As he trudged through different materials, he found out about Jose Fronda Santos—a past guardian of Aquino and ex-individual from an administration demise squad.

Santos, at that point 35 years of age, told the Agrava Commission that Aviation Security Command boss Luther Custodio, who headed air terminal security on the day Aquino returned, had requested that he keep an eye on Aquino in the United States and, when the open door introduced itself, to kill the resistance pioneer.

Santos rehashed his declaration in his affirmation submitted to the US House subcommittee on Asia and Pacific issues, which expressed that the directions to kill the previous congressperson originated from previous President Marcos and Gen. Fabian Ver.

Santos fled the nation in January 1984 and has requested political shelter in the United States.


The most critical focus that his content raises, as per Viriña, were Aquino’s take steps to come back to the Philippines and the intrigue to slaughter him.

An underlying draft of the content, he includes, give to Cory Aquino for her remarks. He was not able meet her before she kicked the bucket.

In the wake of seeing Mike de Leon’s film, “Resident Jake,” Viriña sent the movie producer a reexamined duplicate of his content.

De Leon, as cited by Viriña, stated: “It’s a troublesome content to do and would likewise be very costly. It appears elegantly compose, however, and completely inquire about. Much oblige to you for demonstrating it to me… ”

To Viriña, that sounded all that anyone could need the approval of his work.

Squeezed to give more subtle elements in the content, Viriña alluded to previous President Fidel Ramos’ claim that three individuals were behind the arrangement to execute Aquino.

“In my content,” Viriña state, “these individuals are indicate viewing the Aquino burial service parade on TV.”

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