Robredo legal counselor to Duterte: VP Leni fit to be a president

Robredo legal counselor to Duterte: VP Leni fit to be a president

Robredo legal counselor to Duterte: VP Leni fit to be a president

Robredo legal counselor to Duterte: VP Leni fit to be a president

Vice President Leni Robredo is qualified to be President and should be given

a chance to prove so, her lawyer asserted Friday.

Addressing President Rodrigo Duterte, lawyer Romulo Macalintal said Robredo

is just as fit for the presidency as the 73-year-old chief executive under qualifications required by the charter.

“Yes, Idol President, VP Leni is qualified to be President because her qualifications are

just the same qualifications you possess as required of a president under the constitution,” Macalintal said in a statement.

Macalintal’s remarks came after Duterte publicized his questions over Robredo’s skill, saying

he would rather have the military or any semblance of previous Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong”

Marcos Jr. furthermore, Sen. Francis Escudero to lead the nation.

Macalintal clarified that the nearness of illicit medications in the nation can’t be a reason for

Robredo’s claimed inadequacy, a similar way it doesn’t exclude Duterte as president.

Robredo merits to privilege

“Henceforth, VP Robredo merits the privilege to turn out to be president in her own style and

approach on current issues of the nation while you enjoy a reprieve and take that genuinely necessary rest,” he said.

“Things being what they are, symbol President, for what reason wouldn’t you be able to allow VP Robredo to demonstrate her capabilities? As a legal counselor, you know she is qualified for due process or ideal to be heard before she could be blamed for not being fit the bill to play out the elements of the administration [to] which under the constitution she is the legitimate successor,” he included.

The veteran decision legal advisor included that the President, who prior uncovered pondering to advance down, can take a break with certainty that Robredo can lead the nation.

Leni to take the domain

“Truly icon President, in the event that you crave taking a break, at that point does it the sacred path by permitting the unavoidably ordered VP Leni to take the domain of the administration while you are having your truly necessary rest days,” Macalintal said.

“You truly require a decent break Mr. icon President and when you return you can rest guaranteed that the nation has been that great, if worse, in the hands of the qualified VP Robredo,” he included.

Robredo is confronting a survey dissent from Marcos, who has asked the Presidential Electoral Tribunal to negate her triumph in the 2016 races. A describe is continuous.

Malacañang on Thursday said Duterte may follow through on his guarantee to advance down if Marcos wins his survey dissent.

Duterte had said he might want to give up his post as he communicated disappointment over uncontrolled defilement in government and the ingenuity of the unlawful medication exchange.

However, the President said he isn’t agreeable to following the established line of progression.

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