LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Tulfos not out of the case yet

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Tulfos not out of the case yet

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Tulfos not out of the case yet

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Tulfos not out of the case yet

(Editor’s note: The following letter to the editor deals with the ongoing case involving former Tourism Secretary Wanda Tulfo-Teo and her brothers Ben and Erwin. It was written by one of their siblings.)

Type the word ‘TULFO’ in the digital space and an algorithm of countless information is at one’s fingertips. In the not too distant future, a curious case study of the Tulfos might be one of the courses in Journalism. Never in the annals of Philippine media has four powerful siblings (brothers) occupied simultaneously tri-media, at one point or another. Equally intriguing, all of them are in the field of public service.

Prior to the controversy, the phrase “ipa-Tulfo mo” was so powerful and popular from Aparri to Jolo. It sounded like a cure-all prescription from the aggrieved and the oppressed. The Tulfos were perceived to vaccinate the ills of society by being hardliners on crime and graft and corruption. Rightly or wrongly, they were likewise perceived as untouchables, the gods in the media industry.

Too simplistic an assumption and at the height of naivete

Now comes the fall from grace! From predators, they are the prey at this point in time. To contemplate that the “dilawans” are trying to demolish the Tulfos is too simplistic an assumption and at the height of naivete. In the eyes of the public, the Tulfos had set the bar so high in castigating erring officials from both the private and public sectors. Followers and detractors expect much more from them along this principle.

One of the most seasoned kin said, “regardless of how you cut up it, there is an irreconcilable situation”. The Senate hearing was only the starting the depreciators were sitting tight to perpetrate miseries for the Tulfos. To the armies of supporters/devotees of Bitag Media Unlimited Inc., doing foul play on Ben Tulfo’s program “Kilos Pronto” unquestionably had a faction like impact. Be that as it may, it is impulsive and a counter technique, pending the result of the determination of the Ombudsman.

Keep in mind, the director of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee has a recommendatory capacity to the Ombudsman. Each curve and turn, the foes of the Tulfos would attempt to revive the issue continually to have them vanished in the business.

Ideal opportunity for victimhood-feeling

Since you are an easily recognized name, regardless of whether you are the pioneer Tulfo, the Johnny-come-recently Tulfo, or the guarantee harmed Tulfo, you are sorted as one Tulfo by ideals of the surname, when one of the individuals had goofed. To be sure, the foes of the Tulfos are sitting tight for the kin to self-destruct and disintegrate. Presently isn’t the ideal opportunity for victimhood-feeling and habitual pettiness. Put aside contrasts. Join as one Tulfo. The stake is amazingly high; it’s win big or bust at this point. Hermitic lifestyle perpetua for maybe a couple of the Tulfos, their history be overlooked on the darker side; recovering the brand and persona of its surname on the brighter side ideally has still influence and impact, pride and cash. Take your pick! There’s solitary one road for the Tulfos to be triumphant! Withdraw, regroup, and reassess!

(Bong Mari Tulfo is an ex-seminarian (SVD) who worked in the US as a government representative for a long time. He is the 6th of the Tulfo kin beside Ben, who comes fifth in the lineup with Ramon as the oldest. Bong Mari lives in retirement with his better half, Maria, in Davao City. He fiddles with cultivating.)

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