Gordon: ‘Cops who imprisoned lawyers could confront charges’

Gordon: 'Cops who imprisoned lawyers could confront charges'

Gordon: ‘Cops who imprisoned lawyers could confront charges’

The policemen who arrested and detained three lawyers for taking photos and videos during

a drug raid at a Makati bar could face arbitrary detention charges, Sen. Richard Gordon said on Sunday.

Gordon, chair of the Senate blue ribbon committee, said Makati police authorities were at fault

in arresting and detaining the three lawyers who were just performing their jobs while the

policemen were searching the bar for party drugs.

“What the police did was wrong. Those are lawyers, officers of the court. It’s the job of lawyers

to protect [the interest] of their client,” Gordon told dzBB radio.

Distinguish as Lenie Rocel Rocha

The three distinguish as Lenie Rocel Rocha, 25; Jan Vincent Sambrano, 32; and Romulo Bernardo Alarkon, 33, all working for the Desierto and Desierto law office, which speaks to the proprietors of Time in Manila bar on Makati Avenue.

The legal counselors capture on Aug. 16 and confined for over 24 hours after the policemen blame them for obstacle of equity after they “enter the premises of the bar, took a few pictures and recordings of the scene, and scare the individuals from the looking group without legitimate and earlier coordination.”

Fabricated charges

They were discharged on Friday night, however the police squeezed charges against them, including “helpful ownership” of unlawful medications.

“That was not deterrent of equity,” Gordon said. “It’s solitary check on the off chance that you are obstructing the confirmation.”

Besides, he said it appeared that the cops were just attempting to legitimize their activities by recording exaggerated charges against the legal counselors.

“They had effectively dedicated in light of the fact that in the event that it was simply hindrance, they ought to have discharged [the lawyers] inside 18 hours,” Gordon said.

“They could be accused of self-assertive confinement,” the representative stated, making a qualification between illicit detainment and self-assertive detainment, which is conferred by open officers or workers.


Hence, under the Revised Penal Code, if the confinement has not surpassed three days, the violator may look up to a half year in jail.

Nevertheless, the methods are clear. The [Philippine National Police] ought to be pummeled for this since it’s wrong and what they’re doing is unnerving,” Gordon said.

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