Duterte in ‘kama’ not ‘coma’ – Bong Go

Duterte in ‘kama’ not ‘coma’ – Bong Go

Duterte in 'kama' not 'coma' – Bong Go

Duterte in ‘kama’ not ‘coma’ – Bong Go

President Rodrigo Duterte’s trusted aide on Monday disputed rumors that the chief executive is in a state of coma.

“Nasa kama lang nag rest, kausap ko pa 2 am kaninang madaling araw si PRRD,” Special Assistant to the President Christopher “Bong” Go said in a text message.

(He’s just in bed resting, I spoke with him at 2 a.m.)

Go issued the statement after Communist Party of the Philippines Jose Maria Sison shared in his Facebook account that Duterte has gone into coma, citing “the latest report,” which he did not identify and elaborate.

Go said Sison must be dreaming.

“Baka nanaginip lang si Joma then napalitan lang ni Joma ng letter C ang pangalan niya. Siya pala ‘yun,” he said.

(Perhaps Joma was simply envisioning and he place C in Joma rather than his name. It was only him all things considered.)

In a Palace preparation, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque likewise negated the theories that Duterte was sick.

“In spite of what Joma Sison stated, the President is fine and well in Davao, taking an interest in Kadayawan,” he said.

Sison realize what he discusses

“Obviously, Joma Sison does not realize what he discusses. How might he think about the condition of a strength of the President when he is in far away from The Hague Netherlands — not The Hague but rather I think another city in the Netherlands,” he included.

The President, he stated, would have an open appearance on Tuesday with the League of Cities in Cebu City.

In a Facebook post, Sison likewise said that individuals who saw Duterte amid the national tradition the San Beda Law club Lex Talionis Fraternitas in Davao City “detailed that the murkiness of his face had turned out to be irritated from its appearance a few days ago and that his walk and handshake had turned out to be more insecure.”

“There was talk that he fell sick amid his Lex Talionis undertaking. I conversed with previous secretary [Vitaliano] Aguirre who was in the issue, he was fine, he remained till 12 [midnight],” he said.

Roque rejected the “dimness” on the President’s face.

“I don’t know possibly he’s not wearing powder. Ordinarily, the President wears powder, perhaps there was only a photograph taken of him without powder. So I don’t see anything phenomenally not the same as the shade of the President’s face,” he said.

He the President “was in high spirits” and “he delighted in the organization of his brods in the Lex Talionis.”

Sison Depicted progressive specialist

The Palace official said the general population ought not tune in to Sison, whom he depicted as “a spent progressive not a specialist.”

“All things considered, Joma Sison is a spent progressive, not a specialist; how about we not hear him out the extent that restorative condition is concerned,” he said.

“So I don’t perceive any motivation behind why individuals — I don’t comprehend why Joma Sison said he was in trance like state. He’s in far away Netherlands, how might he know?” he included.

Theories that Duterte was badly reemerged after he visited the Cardinal Santos Medical Center in San Juan City on Sunday, the eve of his third State of the Nation Address (Sona).

“[T]he President as of now said that he was given a physician’s approval with the goal that’s really making open the aftereffects of his therapeutic test,” he said.

He informed faultfinders regarding the President “to quit wishing him sick the extent that his wellbeing is concerned.”

“[K]asi everytime you wish him sick, lalong lumalakas. Kasing lakas naman ng kabayo ang Presidente, so please,” he said.

(Since each time you wish him sick, he ends up more grounded. He’s as solid as a pony, so please.)

Roque said there was no compelling reason to discharge the therapeutic records of the President.

“So every time he shows up out in the open, we’re exposing reports that he’s in trance state. So for what reason do you require a report to demonstrate that he is [in] consummately great wellbeing. At the point when individuals have said that he’s in extreme lethargies but then he’ll be near. So tomorrow he will be there and that is a proof that he isn’t in trance like state,” he said.

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