De Lima calls Senators to promote National Sight Strategy Plan Act

De Lima calls Senators to promote National Sight Strategy Plan Act

De Lima calls Senators to promote National Sight Strategy Plan Act

De Lima calls Senators to promote National Sight Strategy Plan Act

Senator Leila De Lima asked her fellow senators to heed the health experts’ warning on the growing

number of children suffering from myopia or near-sightedness caused by constant use of electronic

gadgets and prioritize the “National Sight Strategy Plan Act” she filed last February.

De Lima said that “the rise in visual impairment among children poses a serious public health issue,”

considering that sight is among the most important senses.

“I hope that after the DOH (Department of Health) raised the alarm on what it described as ‘epidemic’

of near-sightedness among children, my colleagues in the Senate will be compelled to expedite the

passage into law of my proposed bill,” De Lima said in a statement on Sunday.

Senators to help Urban Communities

The congressperson decided after the DOH before raised a caution over the developing number of kids

in created urban communities like Metro Manila and Metro Cebu who are currently experiencing astigmatism

or partial blindness because of the consistent utilization of electronic contraptions.

As per Health Undersecretary Eric Domingo, the ascent in visual weakness among school-age kids can

be ascribed to over the top utilization of devices which have been tapped as “sitter” to keep the kids involved.

Domingo, who is additionally an ophthalmologist, asserted the over the top utilization of contraptions can

hamper the advancement of a kid’s vision, which as per other wellbeing specialists, may likewise prompt central seizures and other psychological wellness issues.

DOH to command National Sight Strategy

Under De Lima’s proposed measure, the DOH will be commanded to define a National Sight Strategy that would address the accumulation, grouping, association, and distribution of information and insights on the occurrence and pervasiveness of vision variations from the norm.

Also, the DOH will lead in the plan and execution of a far-reaching national procedure to address vision medical problems, including the director of government-funded instruction advancing and enhancing vision wellbeing at all ages.

The proposed measure likewise commands the DOH to lead the pack in the improvement of the investigation and routine with regards to vision wellbeing related callings and the endeavor of studies and counsel to define suggestions on the incorporation of vision mind benefits in national wellbeing programs.

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