Ban on cars with lone occupant may make travelers for-enlist — De Lima

Ban on cars with lone occupant may make travelers for-enlist — De Lima

Ban on cars with lone occupant may make travelers for-enlist — De Lima

Senator Leila de Lima on Saturday claimed the ban of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority

on driver-only cars on EDSA during rush hours might give way to “passengers-for hire” or those who earn

out of being the second or third person in private vehicles. De Lima made the statement as she urged the

MMDA to “seriously” reconsider its policy.

“Our government should abandon its bad habit of experimenting on how to ease out traffic congestion during

rush hours. It cannot always try its luck through a trial-and-error in resolving the perennial traffic problem,” she said.

“While auto pooling might be honorable, this arrangement restricting driver-just vehicles along EDSA could offer

ascent to paid auto racers who are more than willing to hazard their own particular security by getting into the autos

of outsiders just to win cash,” she included.

De Lima to a comparable episode in Jakarta, Indonesia

De Lima refers to a comparable episode in Jakarta, Indonesia, where the alleged “3-in-1 lead”

presented in 2003 wound up ineffectual.

The control, De Lima stated, did not just offer ascent to travelers for-enlist, which included youngsters

who left their schools to be full-time racers, yet in addition, compounded the movement in Jakarta.

“This occurrence ought to remind our administration to reexamine its arrangement before completely actualizing the HOV [high-inhabitance vehicle] in light of the fact that besides, potentially declining the movement in EDSA, they may put the wellbeing of the Filipino individuals, particularly those from the poor areas of society, in awesome danger,” the representative said.

MMDA’s HOV control was affirmed by the Metro Manila Council (MMC) last Monday, where vehicles without any travelers separated from the driver on board will be restricted on EDSA amid surge hours in an offer to ease activity clog.

The MMDA is hoping to direct a dry keep running of the boycott by one week from now.

De Lima emphasized her Senate Bill 1897 proposition, which tries to build up the Philippine Road Safety Institute that will look carefully into the heap parts of street and transportation wellbeing circumstance in the Philippines.

De Lima likewise recorded Senate Bill 1905 which looks to execute measures that would free walkways and open streets of any obstacles that obstruct general society wellbeing and comfort.

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