Duterte expected to sign Bangsamoro law during SONA

Duterte expected to sign Bangsamoro law during SONADuterte expected to sign Bangsamoro law during SONA

President Rodrigo Duterte is expected to sign the Bangsamoro Organic Law during his third State of the Nation Address on Monday. But some advocates are doubtful that this version of the bill will be the key to just and lasting peace in Mindanao.

Vice President Leni Robredo said Friday she would attend President Rodrigo Duterte’s third State of the Nation Address (SONA) despite caution that she might receive insults.

Against the advice of her supporters not to attend, Robredo, leader of the opposition, said it is her responsibility to be present during the President’s SONA.

“Mag-a-attend ako kahit iyong iba ayaw akong pa-attend-in. Iyong iba natatakot daw at baka insultuhin ako, baka hiyain ako. Iyong sa akin naman, una obligasyon ko na nandoon [ako],” she said.

(I will go to regardless of whether some don’t need me to go to. Some are perplexed I may get offended or disgraced. In any case, on my part, it’s my commitment to be there.)

Nevertheless Vice President, who has had snappy relations with the President, included that she is prepared for the likelihood that the President may affront her in his discourse.

“Sanay naman ako’ng iniinsulto. Tingin ko hindi naman ako mababawasan. Kapag ako ininsulto… tingin ko hindi ko iyon kasalanan, ‘di ba?” she said.

(I am accustom to being offend. I feel that won’t decrease me. When I am offend, I figure it isn’t my blame, right?)

Duterte Off chance to Robredo

Duterte had already called Robredo “uncouth” and said he would not advance down on the off chance that she would accept his post.

“Kung siya mag-presidente? (In the event that she will move toward becoming president?) Look, I won’t leave since it will make her leader. My renunciation route to the general population para makapili sila ng fervor nila (so they can pick),” Duterte said.

“Siya (she), I don’t figure she can ever be prepare oversee a nation. Reason? Ineptitude. She’s not equipp for running a nation like this, Philippines.”

Robredo was once part of the Duterte Cabinet, filling in as lodging ruler. She, nonetheless, quit her post in December 2016 over strategy contrasts with the President.

Rodredo to anticipate Duterte’s Administration

During the current year, the Vice President said she is anticipating got notification from Duterte the administration’s anticipates how to address rising expansion and the nation’s other monetary burdens.

“Iyong inaasahan natin, iyong lahat na issues na bumabagabag sa bansa natin, sana masabi sa SONA,”

(We are trusting that every one of the issues harassing our nation will be specified in the SONA.)

Duterte set to convey his third SONA on Monday, July 23 at the Batasang Pambansa in Quezon City.

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