Alvarez on SONA rumors will be utilized for con-ass: ‘Kalokohan yun’

Alvarez on SONA rumors will be utilized for con-ass: ‘Kalokohan yun’

Alvarez on SONA rumors will be utilized for con-ass: 'Kalokohan yun'Alvarez on SONA rumors will be utilized for con-ass: ‘Kalokohan yun’

Malacañang on Friday disputed the claim of Amnesty International (AI) that the Philippines

has become a more dangerous place under President Rodrigo Duterte.

In a statement, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque cited a Social Weather Stations survey

showing a “record-low” 6.1 percent of Filipinos who said they had fallen victim to common crimes.

He also noted that Duterte remains popular among Filipinos, based on the President’s 88-percent

approval rating in the latest Pulse Asia survey.

Roque likewise denied that the administration permitted unjustified killings under the intensely reprimanded war on drugs.

“We repeat that the organization’s battle against unlawful medications direct through genuine police

implementation activities and passings emerging from these are because of the medication identities’ rough

protection from legitimate fears,” he said.

Pres. Duterte arrange as a capital offense

“As an individual from the bar, the President has arraigned kill as a capital offense. He, subsequently, does not

and will never support extralegal killings, as he keeps up zero resistance for blundering policemen who stray

from standard conventions and mishandle their capacity,” said Roque on Duterte, a previous prosecutor.

In an announcement in front of Duterte’s third State of the Nation Address, AI Philippines Section Director Jose Noel Olano said the administration’s human rights plan “essentially went on a descending winding” after Duterte took office.

Olano said Duterte “improperly showed” exemption and absence of responsibility in all levels of his organization, neglecting to meet its essential employment to ensure the Filipino individuals including meeting their fundamental monetary needs and common freedoms.

Proposal to set forward

“What adds to mostly his (Duterte) protection from proposals set forward by more different parts in lieu of the feeling of consultants, and childishness in tolerating feedback from the worldwide network,” Olano said.

Olano additionally said the Duterte organization relinquished human rights esteems and standards, making the Philippines “an unquestionably perilous place.”

“It isn’t just his discourses about guarding our nation that has to turn out to be negligible lip benefit yet in his daringness to spread human rights, he has moved back on hard-won human rights securities that should protect everybody, in any case,” he said.

Hence the association likewise hammered the legislature for having effectively made an atmosphere where anybody can murder or be executed, [and] the poor were the undeniable prey yet more as of late even government authorities.”

Furthermore, this circumstance has given anybody a free rein to confer human rights misuse and infringement with exemption where social and political division flourish, prompting more prominent potential for human rights infringement,” Olano said.

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