after 2 years: God, Duterte and the Catholic Church

after 2 years: God, Duterte and the Catholic Churchafter 2 years: God, Duterte and the Catholic Church

The Catholic church has demonstrated its influence over Philippine society over the last four centuries, and since 1985, it has been instrumental in the ouster of two presidents, Ferdinand Marcos and Joseph Estrada.

But since President Duterte assumed office in mid-2016, the Catholic church’s influence is being tested in the face of the tough-talking leader’s relentless attacks against the institution.

Since assuming the presidency, the President has made the Church one of his favorite punching bags, slamming it for criticizing his policies, such as the controversial war on drugs and his push for the death penalty.

Born and raised a Catholic, Duterte has accused the Church of hypocrisy, saying it has no right to criticize his policies since it has yet to discipline members of the clergy who committed abuses.

He has also joked several times that he will form an Iglesia ni Duterte (Church of Duterte), and invited the people to join his “church.”


Observers say the President’s anger towards the Church can be traced from his experience as a Catholic school boy. He claims to have been molested by a Jesuit priest.

He made this allegation in 2015, when he was already campaigning for the presidency. Around that time, he also courted another controversy when he cursed Pope Francis after his visit to Manila caused horrible traffic in the nation’s capital.

Indeed, Duterte’s victory proved to be a new test for a Church already faced with challenges from born-again Christian groups and new socio-religious organizations.

The President’s rant against Church abuses also came amid the backdrop of a number of sexual abuse cases by priests that have threatened to jeopardize the Pope’s legacy.

Duterte has used these abuse cases, as well as his own supposed maltreatment at the hands of the late priest, Mark Falvey, to attack the Church when clerics criticize the government’s war on drugs.

“What is your moral ascendancy in the Philippines? Religion?” Duterte said in a January 2017 speech. “You expose me, I expose you.”

Addressing Duterte’s allegations, then-Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) President Socrates Villegas said that although the Church has always been marred by the sinfulness of its members, the 2,000-year-old institution derives its holiness from Christ, not its leaders.

Some priests have remained vocal against his policies, including Villegas and Caloocan Bishop Pablo David. The latter’s jurisdiction has been the site of many drug war killings.


Spectators say the President’s outrage towards the Church can be followed from his experience as a Catholic school kid. He claims to have been attacked by a Jesuit minister.

He made this affirmation in 2015, when he was at that point battling for the administration. Around that time, he likewise pursued another contention when he reviled Pope Francis after his visit to Manila caused shocking movement in the country’s capital.

To be sure, Duterte’s triumph turned out to be to be another test for a Church officially looked with challenges from conceived again Christian gatherings and new socio-religious associations.

The President’s rage against Church mishandle likewise came in the midst of the background of various sexual manhandle cases by ministers that have debilitated to risk the Pope’s heritage.

Duterte to utilized EJK’s

Duterte has utilized these manhandle cases, and in addition his own gathered abuse on account of the late minister, Mark Falvey, to assault the Church when pastors condemn the administration’s war on drugs.

“What is your ethical power in the Philippines? Religion?” Duterte said in a January 2017 discourse. “You uncover me, I uncover you.”

Tending to Duterte’s assertions, at that point Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) President Socrates Villegas said that in spite of the fact that the Church has dependably been damaged by the corruption of its individuals, the 2,000-year-old organization gets its sacredness from Christ, not its pioneers.

A few ministers have stayed vocal against his approaches, including Villegas and Caloocan Bishop Pablo David. The last’s purview has been the site of numerous medication war killings.

A lot of KILLING

The administration’s crackdown on illicit medications has reliably been a sore point in the Church’s association with Duterte. In January 2017, following quite a while of keeping down, the Church ended its quietness in the midst of the arrangement of killings.

“The Church right presently is attesting its impact, that is the reason in the coming months the Church will be at the bleeding edge in driving against additional legal killings,” Jerome Secillano, CBCP open undertakings official secretary, proclaimed in January 2017.

The Church’s pushback starts when Villegas, in an October 2016 peaceful letter, compose that he was “embarrass about the things I read about the Philippines in the universal media and more embarrass about what I get notification from our pioneers.”

“I can never again give an expression of sympathy the dispossess families since I guarantee even a bit that things will show signs of improvement and not turn out more awful,” Villegas include.

Circumstances Under Duterte’s Control

Priest David, in the meantime, said the circumstance under Duterte’s control reminiscent of the Marcos fascism when numerous kill and some vanished, and when the tag “socialist” was the “helpful mark and defense” for barbarities confer by law implementers.

“Presently, it’s ‘medication suspects,'” David said in an August 2017 meeting. “I don’t know about any law in any edified society that says a man should pass on in light of the fact that he or she is a ‘medication suspect.'”

Exasperated by the Church’s reactions, Duterte advised ministers to take unlawful medication “shabu” (meth) so they would know why he was against it.

“Hindi ko maintindihan ang simbahan. Alam nila eh. Alam ng mga area minister kung gaano kalala, but then they say that… extrajudicial murdering,” Duterte said in a January 2017 discourse.

(I don’t comprehend the Church. They know it. The ministers know how awful the circumstance is, but then they say “extrajudicial murdering.”)

“Eh lahat ng durugista, alam mo naman, kayo dito, alam niyo pag ang tao bangag, lumalaban talaga yan. Kaya dapat ibang pari mag shabu para maintindihan nila. I prescribe maybe a couple of the religious administrators. Eh sa kanila walang shabu, pero asawa meron,” he included, jokingly.


(On the off chance that a man affect by drugs, they truly battle back. That is the reason a few ministers must take shabu so they would know how it resembles. I prescribe maybe a couple ministers. They don’t have shabu, yet they have spouses.

Hence the Church’s reactions against Duterte have driven some to blame it for attempting to destabilize the administration. Duterte’s supporters have utilized the destabilization guarantee as a counter to any individual who restricts the administration’s arrangements.

In November 2017, the CBCP mounted a supplication rally at the notable EDSA Shrine, the site where individuals assembled twice, in 1986 and 2001, to expel then despot Ferdinand Marcos and President Joseph Estrada.

Secillano denied the Church was trying to topple Duterte with its call to mass activity.

This same allegation level without anyone else announce urban pioneer Pastor Boy Saycon as of late. Malacañang removed itself from Saycon’s declarations, while the CBCP again questioned it.

While some observe the Church’s reactions against Duterte as a major aspect of a destabilization plot, his political adversaries trust the CEO was propelling his denunciations to debilitate the organization’s impact over the general population.

In a portion of his discourses, the President has censured anonymous ministers who look after issues he has likewise made it his propensity to disperse duplicates of the book of the late writer Aries Rufo titled “Sacred place of Secrets,” which points of interest a portion of the wrongdoings of Filipino individuals from the church.

“Sinulat niya lahat ng kaputahan ng pari. Maniwala kayo sa Diyos. Pero huwag kayong maniwala diyan sa lokohan ng simbahan,” the President said in an ongoing discourse.


Besides Duterte proceeded with his reactions against the church, the nation additionally observed progressive killings of various ministers. Over the most recent a half year, Fathers Marcelito Paez, Richmond Nilo, and Mark Anthony Ventura, execute, starting shock among the Catholic reliable and human rights gatherings.

Pundits say Duterte’s tirades against ministers and the Catholic Church had encouraged the clerics’ executioners.

The President has denied mistreating the pastorate nor requesting the murdering of ministers.

“Wala kaming strategy na galit kami sa pari, nothing of the sort. Truly nirerespeto ko ang simbahan,” he said in a discourse in Mandurriao, Iloilo City.

“Sa totoo lang hindi ko kayang magpatay ng pari, pati na babae at bata.”

(We don’t have a strategy against ministers, nothing of the sort. In actuality, I regard the Church. In all actuality, I can’t arrange the murdering of ministers, ladies and youngsters.)

Duterte prior guaranteed that Ventura’s gathered undertakings could be the purpose for his murdering,

a charge censured by clerics and prelates who knew the Cagayan minister Cleric David has portrayed

the killed ministers as “saints of the Catholic confidence.”

“Truly there are presently various clerics being murder. However, it isn’t something that we ought to fear. They are not casualties. saints,” the religious administrator.

“Demonstrate to us how significant ministry is. It will stand up in the midst of abuse.”


Besides, the neighborhood individuals from the church, the President has additionally set his eyes on

another apparent government commentator, Australian pious devotee Patricia Fox, who has been helping

the poor in the Philippines as a feature of her teacher work.

Duterte said he requested an examination on Fox for “sloppy lead.” He additionally said he would

not take reactions from an outsider like Fox.

Fox keep in April this year for  far anyone knows taking part in political exercises infringing upon the terms

and states of her visa an announcement, Fox said she comprehends Duterte’s agony after

his asserted manhandle on account of a minister.

Furthermore, the Church comprises of individuals and some of them do terrible things. I comprehend the

Church recognize the record of the cleric grave sin and the Church apologize,” Fox said.

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