Narrow passages, flood waters: What Thailand’s trapped boys face coming out

Narrow passages, flood waters: What Thailand's trapped boys face coming outNarrow passages, flood waters: What Thailand’s trapped boys face coming out

The boys are around four km (two and a half miles) from the cave’s entrance, according to the

Thai navy, and about 400 meters from Pattaya Beach, a large, elevated point inside the Tham Luang cave complex.

But before the group, trapped since June 23, can be reunited with their families, they will have to contend

with debris clogging some of the passageways back to the cave’s entrance and high water levels that might

require them to use scuba diving gear, despite no previous training.

Many have questioned how the children can be brought out if it took even expert divers 9 days to reach them.

The 10-km Tham Luang complex in Chiang Rai is relatively unexplored and includes narrow, dark passages. Before

the boys reach a T-junction three km north of the cave’s entrance they will have to dive at least once, said rescue workers.

“It takes six hours to get to where the kids are and five hours to return (to the give in’s passage),” said Major General

Chalongchai Chaiyakum, representative leader of the Third Army Region.

Authorities have said between a few jumpers will go with every individual from the gathering.

Amidst its rainstorm season

Thailand is amidst its rainstorm season which for the most part closes in mid-October. A sign outside the give

in cautions guests it is incline to flooding.

Thomas Hester, an investigator administrator with the Australian Federal Police Specialist Response Group, said there

were “intensely overflow zones” inside the give in the complex.

“Its exceptionally hard to see, extremely hard to move inside that flooding framework,” said Hester.

One noteworthy test will be an “emergency” point set apart on the Thai Navy’s guide of the

give in – a region where

rescuers say the buckle plunges – and garbage, mud, and water pools, which require consistent clearing.

The fact is between Pattaya Beach, a couple of hundred meters from where the young men were found, and the

T-intersection, as indicated by Thai jumpers aiding the activity.

From the T-intersection to the passage of the give in water levels are as of now “sensible”, said Chiang Rai

Governor Chiang Rai Governor Narongsak Osottanakorn.


The Thai Navy said water at the give in’s passageway was 34 cm profound however levels can differ contingent upon the rain.

T-intersection to Pattaya Beach

“From the T-intersection to Pattaya Beach (there) is an incline and a section around 15 meters in length, an extremely

thin entry. Little individuals can push through however not expansive individuals. You need to go in each one in turn.

The individuals who are utilizing an oxygen tank need to evacuate it push it forward…. After this point, you go to a dry

region,” Chalermphon Hongyon, leader of the Water Rescue Club Region 7, told columnists.

Rescuers are as of now considering four alternatives to extricate the young men.

Plan An is to instruct the young men, mature in the vicinity of 11 and 16, how to jump and to survey whether they are sufficiently fit to handle the adventure out. Plan B is to pump and sufficiently empty water from the give in with the goal that the gathering can slither out part or more than halfway.

Another is to locate an elective path into the buckle through a characteristic shaft close to the young men’s area that bore from above.

Change designs and go down

“We are hunting down shafts, so perhaps can change designs and go down and investigate,” Narongsak said on Thursday. He didn’t intricate.

The last choice, one that numerous say ought to be a final resort, is to keep the young men inside the surrender with enough nourishment and water until the point when they are sufficiently solid to leave or until the point that water levels die down.

More rain additionally expect throughout the end of the week,  indicate by Thailand’s meteorological office, something that will probably drive rescuers again to reassess their plans.

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