‘IGLESIA NI DUTERTE ANG BAGONG RELIHIYON’ No such thing as purgatory, Duterte says

'IGLESIA NI DUTERTE ANG BAGONG RELIHIYON' No such thing as purgatory, Duterte says‘IGLESIA NI DUTERTE ANG BAGONG RELIHIYON’ No such thing as purgatory, Duterte says

President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday continued to challenge Catholic Church doctrines as he questioned the concept of purgatory which for him does not exist.

Speaking at the 58th founding anniversary of Southern Leyte province in Maasin City, Duterte said his God is a “forgiving” being and does not send anyone to hell.

Nevertheless dun daw ako ilalagay ng Diyos sa impyerno. Naloko na. Ang aking Diyos, walang impyerno, walang langit. Ang aking impyerno hindi man ga**** Diyos ng iba na gumagawa ng impyerno. Bakit mo ako gagawan ng impyerno? Ano ba kasalanan ko? Yung babae babae?” the President said in his native Cebuano.

“Ang Diyos, all sympathetic. Hindi ‘yan marunong na ilagay ka sa impyerno. Mali yan totoo At hindi rin totoo ang purgatoryo. Langit lang,” he included.

In Catholic educating, limbo alludes to a period when a spirit experiences filtration from transgression before it can enter paradise.

Duterte likewise does not trust that Saint Peter, thought about the primary pope of the Catholic confidence, is at the doors holding the keys to paradise.

“Huwag kayo maniwala na si San Pedro ang guwardya dun sa door [sa langit],” the President said.

Besides anong klaseng gwardya ka Tignan mo ang dumi ng manok Gawin ko kayang tinola ‘yan May malunggay ba dito? Ok sigurado. Huwag kayo maniwala sa kanila. Dito kayo maniwala. Iglesia ni Duterte ang bagong relihiyon ngayon,” Duterte included.

Different gatherings and political partners

Duterte drew feedback from different gatherings and political partners after his blistering comments against God and the lessons of Christianity.

In a broadcast discourse on June 22, Duterte called God “imbecilic,” scrutinized the tale of the creation, and give occasion to feel qualms about the idea of unique sin.

After three days, Duterte asked who were the “blockheads” in the “Last Supper.”

“The Last Supper” alludes to the scriptural record of the dinner that Jesus Christ had with his 12 witnesses on the eve of His scourging, execution, and passing.

Furthermore Duterte, in the midst of extraordinary feedback over his scorching comments against God and the lessons of Christianity, had just made a four-man panel which would discourse with religious gatherings.

Meanwhile, he is set to meet with Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines head Davao Archbishop Romulo Valles one week from now.

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