FACT-CHECK: Daniel Kickert still alive

FACT-CHECK: Daniel Kickert still aliveFACT-CHECK: Daniel Kickert still alive

An online report claimed an Australian basketball player, involved in a brawl at a World Cup

qualifying game against the Philippines was later found shot dead in a hotel in Manila.

The player, Daniel Kickert, is alive and AFP has taken photos of him after he returned to Australia.

Kickert was among 13 players eject after a fight on July 2 in Manila between the Gilas Pilipinas and

the Boomers, which made international headlines.

Less than a day later, an online post reported that Kickert discovers dead in Pasay City.

In its underlying picture share on Facebook that is made to resemble a news report and duplicate beneath, the feature peruses: “Aussie Player who begin the battle with Gilas players discover dead in an inn room in Pasay.”

A photo montage in the post demonstrates a genuine picture of Kickert from the fight.

It likewise incorporates a high contrast photograph of an evident body, giving the impression this is Kickert.

Tapping on the photographs prompts another feature that peruses: “JUST IN: Australian Player who began the battle against Gilas Players has passed on from a shooting inside a lodging in Pasay City.”

Photograph beneath demonstrates him

Photographs taken by AFP picture takers affirm Kickert did not bite the dust in Manila after the fight.

The photograph beneath demonstrates him and his group getting ready to fly out of Manila’s air terminal on July 3. An AFP picture taker likewise took the picture beneath of him landing at an Australian air terminal on July 4.

An investigation of the procedures utilized as a part of the report gives additional confirmation it is false.

A turn around picture inquiry of the highly contrasting picture in the underlying photograph montage demonstrates the body has shown up on the web beforehand. This article from February interfaces the photograph to a man executed in a sailing mischance in the Philippines.

Photograph beneath demonstrates him

Tapping on the video that goes with the post asserting Kickert pass on likewise drives watchers to a news cut that has nothing to do with him nor the fight. Rather, it is about a Filipino city build who murder in 2016.

Past false demise reports in the Philippines as of late have likewise connected to the random video.

A connection to an irrelevant video utilize as a part of a false report guaranteeing Philippine on-screen character John Lloyd Cruz kick the bucket, which AFP expose in this report.

The arrangement for the two reports on Cruz and Kickert is fundamentally the same as. They both utilize a similar text style, while the style of erroneously guaranteeing countless in the base right-hand corner of the affirmed recordings is additionally comparable.

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