Trillanes on Palace initiating Church dialogue: Stop the gimmick

Trillanes on Palace initiating Church dialogue: Stop the gimmickTrillanes on Palace initiating Church dialogue: Stop the gimmick

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV on Thursday accused Malacañang of attempting to deceive the public

over President Rodrigo Duterte’s controversial remark calling God “stupid.”

“Drop that gimmick of having a dialogue with CBCP because it will not mitigate the offense or assuage

the offended emotions of the people,” said Trillanes in a statement.

This comes days after Duterte questioned why God allowed his “perfect” creation to ruin by letting

Adam and Eve eat the forbidden fruit.

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque has said Duterte must not criticize for airing his views on religious

matters as he has the right to do so. Presidential chief legal counsel Salvador Penelo, meanwhile, said Duterte’s

remarks were direct at theologians, not God.

“Malacañang is endeavoring to swindle people in general by and by. The issue isn’t about Duterte’s flexibility of

articulation or his opportunity to pick his confidence,” Trillanes said.

Duterte’s promulgation group

“It isn’t right on such huge numbers of levels and in all points of view. Duterte and his promulgation group must not permit to turn or bend this issue,” he includes.

Duterte, Trillanes stated, necessities to openly apologize “with add up to earnestness.”

In any case, Malacañang has rejected requests for an open conciliatory sentiment from the President.

Be that as it may, an administration board is set to meet with the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) one week from now, said Roque.

“The ultimate objective is for the two foundations to cooperate to serve society all in all… We need nearer participation not simply in creeds,” Roque said.

“We need nearer collaboration in the fields of against drugs, of lessening destitution, ashore change, on issues that influence people which both the Church and the state ought to be associate with,” he include.

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