Sereno blasts lack of written orders for Duterte arrangements

Sereno blasts lack of written orders for Duterte arrangementsSereno blasts lack written orders for Duterte arrangements

Ousted Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno said Thursday President Rodrigo Duterte has a “pattern”

of having law enforcers implement policies without a written directive.

The burial of former President Ferdinand Marcos, the closure of Boracay, and the latest crackdown on

loiterers were mere “verbally give by the Office of the President, by the President himself,” she said.

This left Cabinet secretaries and law enforcers in “a tight fix because they cannot justify the consequence

of verbal instructions,” said Sereno.

“Despite the legitimacy of his perspective, the way that he has not been issuing composed directions but

rather have rather abandoned it to his subordinates to retain the aftermath of what they thought was right

consistency with a real request, that says a ton in regards to the nature of administration that we will have as a

nation,” she disclosed to ANC’s Headstart.

“What more directions will give in that way? That can’t be. We have a structure by which you take after

arrangement what it should contain,” she said.

Thousands have been bust in the days since Duterte request law authorities to be strict against loiterers,

saying they are “potential inconvenience for the general population.”

Sereno check legitimacy

Cops assert the captures were ground on city laws, yet Sereno said they should check the legitimacy of these after a Supreme Court choice on nearby laws a year ago.

“They need experience that choice and discover which statutes were struck down, which laws can survive,” she said.

“For the police to simply say that we heard it from the President, we believe that there are statutes, we simply take after those mandates without checking whether they follow sacred gauges, that is extremely risky,” she said.

The late despot Marcos was cover speedily at the Libingan ng mga Bayani in 2016 days after Duterte permits the interment at the resting spot of a few previous presidents and war saints, which was the late strongman’s last wish, as per his family.

It additionally came days after the Supreme Court dismissed an appeal to by human rights casualties to stop the exchange of Marcos’ remaining parts from the place where he grew up in Ilocos Norte.

Duterte additionally authoritatively announced a condition of disaster in Boracay around the same time that his request to close the occasion island from visitors for a half year beginning April.

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