LOOK: Momoland’s Nancy proud of the Philippine flag in their newest video “Baam”


LOOK: Momoland’s Nancy proud of the Philippine flag in their newest video “Baam”

After blowing up with “Bboom Bboom,” K-pop girl group Momoland returned with an equally infectious electro-pop single in the form of “Baam.”

“Baam” is a bubbly song of summer, and just as playful and full of ear-grabbing, electro swing hooks as their sleeper hit from earlier this year.

Like its predecessor, Momoland’s latest single was also produced by South Korean song-maker Shinsadong Tiger.

The music video for “Baam” is a festive game of spot-the-object, and; after bringing the viewer into

Momoland on a special plane, it instructs the audience to try finding hidden jewelry. Along with multiple

callbacks to “Bboom Bboom,” especially an ear-holding dance move that went viral, and shuffling choreography,

the clip features the members of Momoland playing around in historic outfits from different countries.

People noticed some negative things in the music video which brought the group under pressure.

Some said there’s an imitation in a dance routine.

Watch its movement

When you tune in to the music of “BAAM”, and watch its movement, some part you can state that it’s basically

just “Bboom 2.0”. Just updated, a bit.

It appears like that the principal hit tune is so noteworthy and prevalent that individuals are getting excessively

strict on Momoland’s most current advertising.

The music video includes the nine individuals Hyebin, Yeonwoo, Jane, Nayun, JooE, Ahin, Nancy, Taeha, and Daisy,

searching for four distinctive shaded bits of gems covered up in various nations, for example, South Korea, Vietnam,

France, Egypt and the Philippines.

Nothing merits specifying if Momoland’s idea in the new tune doesn’t bode well, and the netizens believe that they

are affronting the history and culture of different nations.

For instance, they are dressed as Egyptians and Mexicans yet they were set in totally false settings and that is against

our history.

How about we borrow a little, the embalmment is a consecrated custom for Egyptians social convention, so the moving

mummies perhaps conveyed irreverence to a student of history’s perspective.

How about we go the Mexican idea. Despite the fact that the beautician utilized a Mexican cap and a mustache which are

by the way “exceptionally Mehicano”, Hyebins’ Mexican outfit is as yet not by any stretch of the imagination Mexican when

she wears a dashiki, a West African long dress.

Genuine oversight

This is a genuine oversight of Momoland of they need to bring culture of another nation for individuals to think about through their national dresses.

In any case, clearly, this is a glad melody and they dress as individuals from various nations just to express imagination and their gratefulness for the way of life.

Then again, Filipinos around the globe cheerful after observing K-pop star Nancy spotted holding a Philippine banner in the music video.

Nancy, the “look-alike” of Filipina performing artist Liza Soberano, can be seen waving the Philippine flag, while different individuals are wearing “baro’t saya” while moving before brilliant jeepneys.

Momoland reported that they are going by the Philippines this August to meet their Filipino fans and in addition Liza, who they wanted to dance “Bboom Bboom” with.

The video of their new tune spreads like out of control fire in various web-based life locales in the nation, a sign that the Filipinos are eager to at long last observe the young lady gathering and watch them perform.

The new single fronts Momoland’s Fun to the World EP, which additionally includes the awesome dream pop of “Veryvery,” the skipping pop-shake of “Bingo Game,” and the sweet pop song “Just a single You.” It likewise includes an instrumental variant of “Baam.”

Momoland was framed through a TV program in 2016 and have become monstrously prominent over the previous year. They will show up in the U.S. out of the blue at KCON 2018 LA, which will happen at the Los Angeles Convention Center and The Staples Center on Aug. 11-13.

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