Duterte’s ‘stupid God’ comment deplorable, yet atechism also has shortcomings – law dean

Duterte's 'stupid God' comment deplorable, yet atechism also has shortcomings - law deanDuterte’s ‘stupid God’ comment deplorable, yet atechism also has shortcomings – law dean

President Rodrigo Duterte calling God stupid and questioning the creation story was “regrettable,”

but there have been shortcomings in the Church’s teachings, a Catholic priest who heads his alma

mater said Tuesday.

Common Catholics, even those who regularly celebrate Sunday mass, do not understand the book

of Genesis, where the creation story was told, said Fr. Ranhilio Aquino, dean of the San Beda College of Law.

“Kaming mga pari, ‘yung katekismo ng mga pari, at ‘yung naituturo ng Religion sa mga Katolikong

pamantasan, at ‘yung mga pumupunta sa government funded school para magturo ng Religion,

kulang commotion ang pagtuturo nila,” he revealed to DZMM radio.

(For us clerics, the questioning of ministers, the [subject] Religion being educated in Catholic colleges

and by the individuals who go to state funded schools to show Religion, are additionally deficient.)

“Something else, the President of the Philippines would have comprehended that story superior to

anything the craziness out of which he makes it. Tingnan mo, ang binabanatan niya (what he was

assaulting) was not ‘my God’; but rather ‘your God.’ He’s assaulting what he supposes to be ‘our God’,” he said.

Contemplate any longer in

Aquino said numerous ministers “don’t contemplate any longer in the wake of being appointed,” leaving their instructions “either exhausting or average; that is the reason individuals barely learn.”

“It is anything but difficult to accuse the President and he is accountable—hindi katanggap-tanggap ‘yung sinabi niya (what he said was not satisfactory)— pero (but rather) beside being furious at the President, what else?… That is the best possible approach to react, I think: liwanagin kung anong ibig sabihin niyan (let us clear up what it truly implies),” he said.

Duterte on Friday said God was “inept” for making “something impeccable and after that You think about an occasion that would entice and crush the nature of Your work,” in reference to the transgression of Adam and Eve.

Aquino said he was not supporting Duterte’s discourse and that the CEO “picks up nothing by utilizing that sort of dialect.”

“God” is the “most holy name every one of us can express,” and hearing a revile word joined to it strikes hard on any adherent, he said.

“Mr President, the idea of unique sin that you are assaulting isn’t what we are instructing. So kindly don’t credit that to us and say we are imbecilic in light of the fact that that isn’t what we accept. That is your misconception of our conviction,” he said.

On Tuesday, Malacañang declared that the President requested the making of a group that would connect with the Catholic Church and other Christian gatherings in discourse.


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