Duterte, dinepensahan ang pahayag ukol sa Diyos

Duterte, dinepensahan ang pahayag ukol sa DiyosDuterte, dinepensahan ang pahayag ukol sa Diyos

President Rodrigo Duterte defended his statement about “stupid God.”

In a speech on Monday in Cagayan de Oro, the president clarified that his God

was different because his God had a common sense.

“Did not I say your God is not my God because your God is stupid, Mine has a lot

of common sense,” Duterte said.

“For what reason do you need to discuss religion? In the event that I pick not to put

stock in any God … it is the opportunity to pick.”

Duterte likewise demanded that he had confidence in the ideal God.

“My God is impeccable and has a flawless presence of mind, I trust in an all inclusive being.

There is some individual there more preeminent than whatever remains of the lords of men

That is what I’m stating so I can not acknowledge that you just talk I’m out of rubbish I’m still in no mind, “he said.

Duterte’s ongoing explanations incorporate her announcements on Friday, June 22, with

respect to her “doltish” god depicted in the book of scriptures.

“Who is this dumb God?

“Who is this dumb God? It truly is genuine …. You made something flawless and afterward you think about an occasion that would entice and pulverize the nature of your work.” How would you be able to defend a God? ” Duterte said on Friday.

Duterte’s announcements were altogether different from the ongoing declaration of the presidential decisions in 2016.

“God put me here … my leader, nearly fate, it’s a wonder to me, he needs me to enhance my nation, stop defilement and make the lives of the Filipinos agreeable,” says Duterte a discourse on October 16, 2016.

The Palace protected the president’s announcement.

The main administration lawful guidance Salvador Panelo said Duterte did not simply have faith in a portion of the Bible stories.

“You have offended your God and you doubted the hypothesis of a specific religion in connection to the production of the world … this president puts stock in one sovereign God,” said Panelo.

As indicated by presidential representative Harry Roque, Duterte just talks from the perspective of a “casualty” of the Catholic Church,

Nonetheless it’s the ideal opportunity for the Catholic Church to open up the casualties of the preservation of their childhood, to acknowledge reality, to concede, to apologize to the individuals who have been casualties, on the grounds that the president is probably going to be the campaign of the president , unexpectedly your casualty progressed toward becoming president, “Roque said.


As per the Catholic Church, Duterte’s announcement was unmistakably disrespectful in God and obviously the president did not comprehend the Bible’s substance.

“The possibility of going to my psyche was so terrible this year, he didn’t comprehend what he was stating, ‘Yong trusts, that is not the congregation’s convictions,’ Bishop Broderick said. The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP ) episcopal commission on the common people.

“I don’t know how you can bolster a man who is insane,” he included.

Likewise ill bred to the leader of the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC).

“He has gone too far, now God has offended him. He is very welcoming himself to be against God and is extremely hazardous,” said Bishop Noel Pantoja, PCEC national executive.

Dr. Raul Nidoy of Pro-Life Philippines to petition God for the president.

Duterte ought to likewise be sad.

“I fear for his spirit, yet I fear for the spirits of the general population he’s driving,” said Nidoy.

Congressperson Panfilo Lacson contends that the god would excuse the president and pay for his transgressions.

May my God nevertheless pardon him and influence him to offer reparations for every one of his transgressions,” said some portion of Lacson’s announcement.

Representative Sherwin Gatchalian argues for restriction of God and Church.

Representative Antonio Trillanes guided the president, simply sitting tight for God’s “reward”.

Congressperson Risa Hontiveros has reminded everybody that it is conceivable to influence the president to issue with the goal that Filipinos will lose the more major issues of society.

A congressional may require medicinal help from the president.

Besides President Duterte will be the main patient …. he will be his recipient of the section and marked Mental Health (Law). He ought to be the first to give it,” says ACT party-list Rep. France Castro.

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