Duterte actualizing 'undeclared martial law,' says restriction legislator

Duterte actualizing ‘undeclared martial law,’ says restriction legislator

Duterte actualizing 'undeclared martial law,' says restriction legislatorDuterte actualizing ‘undeclared martial law,’ says restriction legislator

The country is seeing an undeclared martial law under President Rodrigo Duterte’s

administration with policies reminiscent of the military rule under President Ferdinand

Marcos that saw thousands of human rights violations, an opposition lawmaker said Tuesday.

Accordingly, to ACT Teachers party-list Rep. Antonio Tinio said the President’s pronouncements and law

enforcement policies, including the drug war and the anti-tambay campaign, are all similar

to policies enforced during martial law.

Besides, we see the President conjuring the police forces of the state and pushing these arrangements

that for all intents and purposes have a few components of military law. We are seeing components

of an undeclared military law. This hostile to tambay issue resembles the across the country time

limit forced amid Martial Law,” he told ANC.

Fear over the propose

The administrator likewise communicated fear over the proposed revisions to the Human Security Act, or the Anti-Terrorism Bill, that he accepts may give the Duterte organization “another intense weapon to smother resistance.”

Meanwhile, Tinio clarified that under the proposed measure, the meaning of fear mongering is wide and “foolishly extended” that even transport strikes might be marked as demonstrations of psychological oppression.

Hence Kabataan party-list Rep Sarah Elago prior said passing the bill, which has a Senate adaptation, is a piece of a guileful arrangement to standardize military law “without going through the legitimate necessities of making a formal revelation.”


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