Palace denies Pres. Duterte anti-‘tambay’ order targets the poor

Palace denies Pres. Duterte anti-‘tambay’ order targets the poorPalace denies Pres. Duterte anti-‘tambay’ order targets the poor

Malacañang on Friday defended anew President Rodrigo Duterte’s order for

the police to hold a crackdown on “tambays” (loiterers) amid criticism it targets

mainly the poor.

In a statement, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said Duterte’s order does

not target the poor but “all those who violate local ordinances and laws.”

Duterte has been heavily criticize on his order for police to round up loiterers or night idlers.

More than 8,000 have since been caught or confront in Metro Manila since Duterte issue his request a week ago, the Philippine National Police said.

Meanwhile Akbayan Youth hammered Duterte for his request, saying the administration’s inability to tackle destitution has prompted the ascent in the quantity of supposed “tambays.”

Besides maraming tumatambay para magpalipas oras, makibalita sa mga kapitbahay o kabarangay, at makipagkita sa mga kaibigan. Kung tutuusin, marami sa mga tambay ay ang mga na-endo, hindi nakapag-aral, o problemado sa taas ng presyo dulot ng TRAIN (Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion),” said Akbayan Youth interchanges officer Justine Balane in an announcement.

Numerous stand around to hang loose

(Numerous stand around to hang loose, get up to speed with neighbors or meet companions. Things being what they are, huge numbers of the tambays had employments that had finish contract, neglected to go to class, or are having issues because of the surprising expense of merchandise as a result of the TRAIN law.)

“Walang solusyon si Duterte sa mga isyung ito. Si Duterte na rin ang nagparami ng mga tambay,” he included.

(Duterte has no answer for these issues. It was Duterte who caused the ascent in the quantity of loiterers.)

“tambay” crackdown drew feedback

The “tambay” crackdown feedback following reveal police manhandle with the passing of 25-year-old Genesis Argoncillo, who was capture for professely being tank and provoking his neighbors not long ago and later kick the bucket in confinement.

Police have give clashing records about Argoncillo’s passing. His family is looking for equity, declining to trust that Argoncillo was rationally aggravate and that his passing was self-exact, as at first assert by the police.

The police later change its tune, guaranteeing that Argoncillo was destroy by kindre prisoners.

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