Kris close down ‘haters’ by letting her ‘multi-million contracts’ do the talking

Kris close down 'haters' by letting her 'multi-million contracts' do the talkingKris close down ‘haters’ by letting her ‘multi-million contracts’ do the talking

It’s unclear what Kris Aquino’s “haters” did this time around, but she wasted no time

in shutting them down by boasting of her new “multi-million peso and US dollar contracts.”

She revealed on Friday that she’ll be taking a short break from posting on social media

about the things that “agitate” her.

She clarified that at whatever point she responds to these pointed assaults went for her,

she generally winds up either lining it up with a statement of regret, giving an explanation

behind it, or through and through erasing it.

Evidently tired of doing as such, she’s presently simply going to let her new “multi-million

₱eso and US $ contracts do the talking” for her.

“Life has shown me enough to simply ‘unplug’ for a couple of days so I won’t post or respond

to things intended to shake me that will later on squander my chance clarifying, erasing, or

apologizing for,” she composed.

Impossible to fall for the trap

“Apologies, however I’m excessively keen NOW, making it impossible to fall for the trap of

sparkling my splendid light on individuals who can’t stand the way that the young lady they

were so eager to discount figured out how to complete a ‘David’.”

She was making a reference to the outstanding scriptural story of David and Goliath to outline her purpose of defeating the misfortunes she looked subsequent to leaving TV.

She guaranteed that she began from “zero,” “combat neatly,” and can now “legitimately” assert that she could make “another, productive online stage.”

Aquino has about 7 million supporters on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram consolidated. Her YouTube channel, The Aquinos, has in excess of 34 million perspectives to its name. “I know this isn’t perpetually,” she said. “Be that as it may, while the various new supports, corporate organizations, and authorizing understandings keep pouring in, I will secure me individuals and my domain.”

Staying silent

“Furthermore, that implies staying silent, being ‘mind bears’ to the haters and simply permitting my new multi million ₱eso and US $ contracts do the talking for me,” she finished up her post.

Her post came days after she stood out as truly newsworthy for giving a real to life once-over of the cost of her outfit for a question and answer session for her new film, Star Cinema’s “I Love You Hater.” She said that her outfit’s worth is like that of 3-room townhouse unit in Rockwell Center in Makati, said to extend from around P30 million to P70 million.

Kris Aquino on Mocha Uson: ‘If I talk about her, I’ll give her mileage’

The spotlight is something Kris Aquino worked hard for, and it’s something she isn’t about to share with someone who hurt her recently.

“You know, if I talk about her, I’ll give her mileage. And I worked so hard for this spotlight,” she told reporters on Monday, June 18, after the press conference for the movie I Love You Hater.

Got into a very public

Kris was asked about Presidential Communications Operations Office Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson, with whom she got into a very public feud on social media.

“That’s why I’m telling all of you that I made my message clear. I just did that for my parents. But this [press conference], this is mine. You guys here, you won’t go to her. So why will I gift her with something I worked hard for? I’ll share it definitely with those who deserve it,” Kris said in a mix of English and Filipino.

The “Queen of All Media” earlier called out the entertainer-turned-government-official after Mocha reposted a video clip of two women kissing the late senator Ninoy Aquino minutes before he was shot in 1983. She posted the video to defend President Rodrigo Duterte from criticism, after he kissed an overseas Filipino worker during an official activitiy in South Korea early June.

Apology on behalf of the president

Special Assistant to the President Bong Go issued an apology on behalf of the president, but Mocha refused to do the same, saying she was merely saying the truth.On Monday, Kris said it’s the tough times that have made her realize who truly supports her. Aside from the companies that supported her digital business, Kris said she’s thankful for the people who she’s closest to, including several young stars in the industry.

“I just have to praise them. [Even] when I was of no use to them, they’ve consistenly been there. And that’s why, all of you know, I will fight and I will really make sure to do everything for [actress] Kim Chiu and Erich [Gonzales],” she said. She also mentioned Pokwang and K Brosas as among those who have stayed with her through thick and thin.

She also praised her godchildren Toni Gonzaga and Paul Soriano for not making her uncomfortable even if the two are also close to former senator Bongbong Marcos. Marcos also happens to be their godfather.

Opposition in the lead-up

Kris’ late father, Ninoy Aquino, was part of the political opposition in the lead-up to the dark days of Martial Law under the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, the former senator’s father. Ninoy was detained and forced into exile during those years. The assassination of Ninoy sparked and fueled protests that eventually led to the ouster of Ferdinand Marcos during the People Power Revolution.

Kris’ mother and Ninoy’s widow, Cory, replaced Ferdinand Marcos as president.

Despite being known to lash out strongly against those who’ve hurt her, Kris said she has no more issues with “people in the past.”

Reaction then was a reaction of a mother

“I have no issues with people in the past. In fact, my reaction then was a reaction of a mother,” she said, referring to her strained relationship with ex-husband James Yap and her recent outbursts against him.

“But I also know that whatever Bimb’s reaction is comes from what he sees from me. So he needs to feel I am okay,” she added.

She told Bimby that when it comes to her relationship with his father, he will have to, at one point, “accept what it was and accept what happened.”

“But I [told him] I can’t force you. But please don’t ever feel Bimb that this is a choice, na it’s a test of your loyalty towards me because I’ll never question it,” Kris added

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