Duterte asks: ‘Who is this stupid God?’

Duterte asks: 'Who is this stupid God?'Duterte asks: ‘Who is this stupid God?’

The President, a Catholic, had begun by saying that he found it foolish for God to create something “perfect” and then allow the first humans, Adam and Eve, to ruin it by bringing sin into existence because of the forbidden fruit.

“Ang ginawa niya — kinain ni Eve. Tapos si Eve ginising si Adam. Siguro katatapos lang. Kumain ka rin. So kinain ni Adam. Then malice was born,” he said.

(Eve ate it and then woke Adam up and asked him to eat it as well. Adam ate it and then malice was born.)

“So tayo ngayon, every one of us are conceived with a unique sin. Ang unique sin – ah sin – ano man ‘yan? Is it accurate to say that it was the main kiss? O… What was the transgression? Bakit unique? Nasa womb ka dad, may kasalanan ka na,” he included.

(Presently every one of us are conceived with a unique sin. What is the first sin? Is it accurate to say that it was the main kiss? What was the transgression? Why is it unique. You’re still in your mom’s womb but then to as of now have a wrongdoing.)

Duterte at that point asked: “How might you support a God? Maniwala ka (Would you trust in one)?”

Acknowledge the idea of having a unique sin

The President said he couldn’t acknowledge the idea of having a unique sin.

“Eh ‘yan ang hindi ko matanggap. Exceptionally imbecilic recommendation. Anong kasalanan? Unique sin, tapos I-submerse ka. Basain dad ‘yang ulo mo ng tubig. Maniwala ka niyang pari na ‘yan,” he said.

(I can’t acknowledge that. Exceptionally imbecilic recommendation. What sin? Unique sin and afterward they will sanctify through water you. Your head will even be washed with [holy] water. What’s more, you’ll even trust that minister.)

He, in any case, cleared up that he accepts there is a “general personality.”

“Ako, I trust that is an all inclusive personality. In any case, to what degree is the impact of that… You know, I can’t picture Him as a person in the picture of God,” he said.

“I… But I truly trust there’s an… I have this confidence and tolerating thing about… Pero ‘yang relihiyon? Sus maniwala kayo diyan. Tama ‘yung ano mo… ” he included.

Vocal about his grievances

This isn’t the first occasion when that Duterte reprimanded God. Previously, he had scrutinized God’s essence at whatever point violations happen.

Duterte has been vocal about his grievances against the Catholic administration in the Philippines, some of whom have been staunch faultfinders of his war on drugs.

The President has blamed the Catholic chain of importance for putting on a show to be “holy people” in spite of their transgressions while marking the police and troopers as evil presences.

Pundits, then, have been stating that Duterte’s tirades against ministers and the Catholic Church have encouraged those behind the killing of 3 Catholic clerics throughout the most recent a half year.

Faultfinders to take up

Prior this week, the President, notwithstanding, kept up that he regards the Catholic Church.

Duterte in the past has prompted his faultfinders to take up their issues with him to God.

“In the event that you have something against me or my mouth or my character, go to God and grumble. Siya ang may gawa. He is the one to be pointed the finger at,” Duterte said in an elite meeting with ANC a year ago.

“For what reason would it be a good idea for me to change? God made me the way I am. God gave me this character and God gave me this mouth,” he included.

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