Bongbong Marcos, plan to run as President?

Bongbong Marcos, plan to run as President?Bongbong Marcos, plan to run as President?

Former Sen. Bongbong Marcos is the President’s intention to base his interview with

the Financial Times. But the martial law victims are determined to intercept them. Turn

Your Flag, Vivienne Gulla.

Former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr, only son and namesake of the late dictator

Ferdinand Marcos, is eyeing a bid to become president of the Philippines.

The former senator said he is considering returning to Malacañang in an interview with London

-based Financial Times, which published its profile of Marcos on Monday, June 18.

“My career is politics, and, of course, you aspire to as high a stature within your chosen field as you

can achieve – and that would be president in my case…. But it is not something that I wake up in the

morning and plan on,” said Marcos.

More populist arrangement

In the article, Marcos said he eyes a “more populist arrangement of government.”

“In my dad’s organization, I continued hearing ‘country building,’ and I don’t hear that expression

anymore…. It’s more politicking than country building,” he said.

His dad’s 21-year manage was damage by debasement, killings, torment, vanishings, and media

persecution. While Marcos was just 15 when Martial Law was pronounce in 1972, he was at that

point a grown-up when his dad was topple because of the 1986 People Power Revolution.

A long time later, Marcos ran however got vanquish in the 2016 bad habit presidential decision,

losing to Vice President Leni Robredo by only 263,473 votes.

Robredo and the Liberal Party

He at that point blamed Robredo and the Liberal Party for bamboozling in the surveys and recorded

a discretionary challenge against the Vice President.

Last December, Marcos positioned 7-8 in the senatorial overview of the Social Weather Stations.

However, he said he won’t keep running for representative, as he trusts he had won the bad habit administration and is resolve to see through his discretionary case until the end.

The Supreme Court, going about as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal, is as of now describing votes in the 3 pilot areas Marcos picked for the discretionary dissent.

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