‘I am who I am now because of you’: Sara Duterte thanks dad

fathers day

‘I am who I am now because of you

Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte on Friday thanked her father President

Rodrigo Duterte for raising her with “rigidity” and for pushing her to do

well in school and on the job.

“You were hard on me about education and work. You impressed upon

me that I am not a person if I am not a lawyer or a doctor and if I do not

work for our country,” the Davao City mayor said in her Father’s Day

message posted by the Davao City Information Office.

“What’s more, I express gratitude toward him for that unbending nature and sa significance ng instruction since I would not be my identity now kung hindi dahil sa kaniya at sa mom ko (notwithstanding him and my mother),” the more youthful Duterte said in a different video message.

Duterte ahead message acquire

Duterte went ahead to concede that she has acquired a portion of the president’s outstanding characteristics.

Both the President and Sara Duterte, who went up against the mayoralty post he long held in Davao City, have commonly stood out as truly newsworthy for openly difficult their political adversaries, proud articulations against pundits, and dubious jokes.

“I have your wound comical inclination and the drive to accomplish, and these are a portion of my helpful instruments as I explore life. Much obliged to you,” Duterte said.

Message of Gratitude

Leader Duterte finished her message by expressing gratitude toward her dad for being how he is.

“Much thanks to you for being your identity since I am my identity and where I am presently and I have every one of these qualities as a result of you and my mom,” she said.

Sara Duterte is the second conceived of Duterte’s 3 youngsters with his first spouse Elizabeth Zimmerman. The president additionally has another little girl with his precedent-based law accomplice Honeylet Avanceña.

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