Bong Go challenges Trillanes to ‘1 on 1’

challengesBong Go challenges Trillanes to ‘1 on 1’

Special Assistant to the President Christopher “Bong” Go has challenged Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV to a “one-on-one” in whatever form to once and for all put an end to the senator’s tirades against him.

“Kung gusto mo one-on-one na lang tayo. Basta one-on-one na lang tayo. Bahala na kahit anong one-on-one. Kahit saan, bahala ka na kung saan (if you want, let’s go one-on-one. It’s up to you, what kind of one-on-one. It’s up to you where to hold it),” Go said.

Go brought up that Trillanes has been blaming him for a great deal of things, including his intend to enter legislative issues in spite of his foreswearing that he won’t keep running for congressperson in the 2019 races.

He likewise went after Trillanes, refering to the time the previous maverick naval force official organized an overthrow just to surrender at last.

“Representative Trillanes, ikaw nga pester overthrow ka, umatras ka naman, sumurender ka naman. Anong klaseng rebellion yan, huwag kang sumurender (you organized an overthrow, yet you pulled back, what sort of upset was that, don’t surrender), that is all,” he said.

Trillanes bludgeoning

Trillanes has been bludgeoning Go for being exceptionally noticeable out in the open commitment

the previous couple of weeks, which the representative said means that the President’s most confide

in associate’s enthusiasm for legislative issues.

The congressperson similarly brought up Go has recently been setting up a demonstration with the

aim of running for the Senate in one year from now’s surveys.

Go focused on he isn’t a legislator and that he is just connecting with individuals in the interest of

the President, who has a bustling calendar.

Trillanes and other government pundits claimed that Go is as of now planning for a Senate keep running

as confirm by the streamers and canvases flying up in obvious spots bearing his photo

and the words “Prepared, Set, Go!”

“I’ve been quiet about it, yet he (Trillanes) scrutinizes it. It’s not my blame if there was somebody

who put it, since I have no power over them,” he said.

Go called attention to that numerous mottos utilize “go” and “prepared, set, go” is only one of them.

Trillanes acknowledges challenge

Go focused on that regardless of how frequently he advises his supporters to quit pushing

him to keep running for the Senate, they stay steady.

He said Trillanes ought not stress since he will likewise request that his supporters put the

representative’s face close to his.

Go asked his commentators and additionally those in the restriction to rather join the administration

and work for the welfare of the general population.

Trillanes has acknowledged the “one-on-one” test of Go, not to a duel, but rather a revelation

of resources for people in general.

In an announcement yesterday, Trillanes consented to the one-on-one test of Go if this were

“pirmahan ng waivers (marking of waivers).”

“Partida na kahit kasama dad niya amo niya (he can notwithstanding bring along his manager),

” Trillanes stated, alluding to President Duterte.

Trillanes said this would be a more important test, one that he has been tossing at the President

for at some point now.

“Since Duterte has been stating that Bong Go is a very rich person, so how about we see where

his riches originated from,” he said.

President to sign a waiver on the mystery

Since the battle time frame for the 2016 races, Trillanes has been challenging the President to sign a waiver on the mystery of bank stores with the goal that general society could perceive how much cash he has kept in different banks.

Trillanes guaranteed the President and his family has amassed over P1 billion throughout the years and that he has the bank records to demonstrate this.

He has marked his own waiver and challenged the President to do likewise, which Duterte has disregarded.

The President has prevented the affirmations from claiming Trillanes and even said that he will be shot in the event that anybody can demonstrate that he has more than P40 million in banks.

Trillanes said he was so positive about regards to his verification against Duterte that he will leave as representative and walk straight into any prison of Duterte’s decision if demonstrated off-base.

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