‘Never again’ to Martial law- Piolo Pascual

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‘Never again’

‘Never again’ to Martial law is hardly terra incognita for actor Piolo Pascual, who has never shied away from tackling politically charged films.

As early as 2002, he scored several acting trophies for playing a student activist who was tortured during the Marcos regime, in Chito Roño’s “Dekada ’70.” Sixteen years later, he revisits this dark chapter in our nation’s history, portraying another human rights victim, in Lav Diaz’s “Ang Panahon ng Halimaw” (Season of the Devil).

He feels emphatically about his most recent joint effort with the globally acclaimed auteur. Filipinos need to watch “Halimaw,” he told the Inquirer. “This circumstance has been going on [for very some time]. Furthermore, it’s not simply occurring here; it’s a worldwide issue. We should be more mindful.”

Marcos autocracy

He clarified that “the period of the fallen angel is about military law, about the Marcos autocracy. As subjects, we were abused. We don’t need that to happen once more, and that is the reason we have this film.”

He emphasized the significance of reviewing history, with the goal that we could abstain from rehashing past mix-ups.

“On the off chance that we don’t think back, at that point the young will grow up being inhumane, not realizing what’s occurring around them,” he elucidated. “We need to always remind them and besiege them with actualities. With the goal that they would understand that their interest in our general public is critical.”

In excess of an update, be that as it may, the film is a “suggestion to take action.”

Open Public eye

Craftsmen assume an indispensable part in the public eye, particularly in a period of discontent, friction and disruptiveness.

“We are the agents of the abused,” he commented. “We are the voice of the voiceless.”

In spite of the fact that the film attempted to discover its crowd when it had a showy kept running in Ayala silver screens as of late, getting appeared in nearby moviehouses was a type of triumph in itself, he called attention to.

“We were simply extremely upbeat that we got indicated industrially and locally, in light of the fact that this is a vital film,” he joked.

Ban for Political Reasons

He turned reflective. “You know, it was simply pitiful that a few people were not willing to help it.”

A few films even declined to screen it—for political reasons.

“Ang Panahon ng Halimaw” will have an arrival commitment in Cinema Centenario on June 12; it is additionally as of now appearing in theaters in France, and in addition in celebrations in Lima, Peru and Sydney, Australia.

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