Lawyer slams  Kris: “The rule is still freedom of speech, even comments on dead politicians”

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Lawyer slams  Kris: “The rule is still freedom of speech, even comments on dead politicians”

Following the release of Aktres Kris Aquino to Mocha Uson who is now always contented with social media platforms, a prominent and prominent attorney, Atty. Trixie Angeles-Cruz where Kris’s issue is going to Mocha.

According to Atty. Trixie, the defamatory person may have had a case in that year, but there are no historical and political figures there.

Here’s the whole Facebook post by Atty. Trixie also provides information for everyone:

Let’s break down the Aquino strategy today. Why did Kris spend Mocha? Is it really about her de @ d parents?

That’s right, we have the right and custom to deal with those who speak evil against the old ones. That’s it. BUT, does that apply to historical and political figures?

See how the Emilio Aguinaldo sailed. Ferdinand Marcos. They are not exceptions. We really see the lives of our national politicians because they are part of the people’s history of good or bad.

Like a living person, there are also public figures that can be filed. It still covers the so-called fair comment. We can criticize public figures as they come out and release the public. Well, they’re fair gaming. If you’re displaying it, you can admire it, you can criticize it. We can tell the story, especially as it is part of our history because that is how studies will be made on them.

Just imagine if it was not possible to say anything bad about our historical figures, we’ll just repeat the mass actions because we can not put it in the book, or in the news or any newspaper. *

The rule is still freedom of speech. Even when it comes to commenting on de @ d politicians. Even de @ d politicians with angry actress daughters

Kris Vs. Mocha

After posting Kris’s reaction to social media, it still lives on Facebook and Instagram to challenge Mocha.

Kris said, “crossing the line” is the PCOO official and will not miss it again.

Kris added that he has been extensively elicited by Mocha’s act of making the most of the family of Aquino, but about his father, he can no longer pass.

“You know that’s where I went through thinking about it. I thought about uploading because I was a giant, and I admit it. But I really felt that what happened was my mom, that’s my dad and I’m sorry to hear that they have a lot of memories. “Kris said part of her live video.

“Well, I’m right there because I sometimes do not spend … I have nothing to say or say bad about the Duterte administration. In fact, I’ve been losing money when I post my picture and when I said I knew why he won. Until now I’m not politely blowing up. “He added.

“But what did you do, I name him now, my time really endured not calling him but now I’m calling Asec Mocha Uson so much, eh. What you did, those who hurt you love me dearly. ”

According to Kris, she is ready to meet with Asec Mocha anytime and anywhere.
“And this is just the way, woman girl, you want the enemy – me. I’m ready anytime, anywhere, hope. Do you want to debate? Keri. You want to do the scenes in Star Cinema movie by Angel Locsin, you want to do that scene with me? You want me and you are Angel? Let’s just stop. “He said.

“For what you are doing to my parents, they do not deserve, okay. And people will tell me, why are you stooping down to her level, I’m doing this because I love my mom, I love my dad. And if I do not do this now, I will hate myself. I do ‘to because I want my sons to see what I am willing to do for my mom and for my dad, ”

Kris once again challenged Mocha, saying that he was always one and Mocha took his followers and supporters. *

“I am ready for you and this is a direct challenge to you. Face me. Face me anywhere! Name the place. Let’s carry it live, bring all your followers, I can stand alone. But stop it. Stop doing these to two people who have never hurt you. They do not spend money because they’re dead. ”

“So I’m, I’m also ahura, eh. That’s a fight, eh. You really need to fight. “Aktres added.

Kris also explained about her father’s video when she was two girls before she got off the plane and got herself off.

“The two women came to her before she got off and before she assumed. You do not know the pain that you feel in that post because I thought I could have given that right to my mom. My mom deserve that because my mom gave her all life to my dad. “Kris said.

“One more. Is it a $ and you’re going to get married with my dad or my mother, let’s take a stand! “Kris warned Mocha.

After spreading Kris’s video to Mocha, the netizens also reacted and reacted about the two sides.

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