P42,000 monthly budget, is it enough for a family?


40,000 Budget

The National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) has filed a lawsuit after it has reported that for P10,000, a five-member family will be living.

But this Friday it was Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Ernesto Pernia who defied the issue and said that the “estimate” was just an estimate.

“I’m clarifying that the NEDA never mentioned that it’s a decent budget for a family … [It’s used] as an example to show the effect of the inflation rate for the month of May 2018,” said Pernia’s statement.

It is easier to compute if P10,000 is used for example, Pernia said.

Earlier, Pernia said in an interview with ABS-CBN News that P42,000 estimates she needed a family of five, but the two employers must earn P21,000 per month.

“The monthly cost of P250,000 is roughly P21,000. I used that example because I wanted to show that more benefits from the TRAIN law.” If two workers, you double that, “Pernia explains.

‘Not possible’

But the tracker Joy Pineda, still not convinced of Pernia’s new computation.

“What about me, single parent, I have all the expenses … My bill, I have two students,” she said.

Angel Fernandez who works at a casino while her husband is a call center agent, says Pernia.

But Fernandez said their lives are still uncomfortable despite their combined income of P42,000.

“If you have a lot of people in the house like us, it does not cost too much. There are so much fees, school fees, lights, water, and even more,” he said.

So Bayan Rep. Carlos Zarate, the answer to the problem is the raising of workers’ wages.

“You do not want to get away … But it’s a P42,000 but why not allow people to pay wages,” Zarate said.

According to NEDA, they will continue to promote programs that will raise the Filipino lifestyle.

“We do not ignore the fact that many Filipinos are working for their families. NEDA is one of the Filipino families working for a more comfortable life,” Pernia said.

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