Aiza urges individual Duterte supporters: Let’s not be visually impaired followers

aiza vs duterte



Aiza Seguerra Singer-actress on Tuesday took to Instagram to urge fellow

supporters of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte to keep their calm and respect

opposing views amid various issues hounding the incoming Chief Executive.

Amid Duterte’s cold relations with the media, particularly those based in Manila

, Seguerra urged her co-supporters to put issues into proper context and not be

mere headline readers.

“As a Duterte supporter, I would energize na sana sway naman tayo maging blind

devotees. It will help our leader kung hindi tayo uneven at marunong tayong

magbigay ng respeto sa assessment ng iba as opposed to fanning the flares of

disdain towards individuals who don’t have a similar perspective or feeling,”

Seguerra composed.

Wala naman problema

Besides wala naman problema ipagtanggol si Tay Digong Pero ayusin naman natin.

Maging responsable naman tayo dahil dala natin ang pangalan niya. Read the

entire article, not simply features. Sway puro images,” she included.

Seguerra said those blaming the media for being one-sided ought to reassess themselves before calling for reasonableness and assaulting those with negating sentiment.

“Nagrereklamo tayo na one-sided ang media. Eh Kayo? Kaya niyo blast hindi

maging one-sided Besides yung iba nga sa inyo, ang tindi ninyong mangutya agad dahil lang hindi ninyo nagustuhan ang sinabi Yan ba yung pinagmamalaki ninyong pagbabago she said.

method for securing

Nevertheless there’s dependably a method for securing and shielding our President na hindi kailangan manira at mambastos ng kapwa.

Nevertheless we can’t be visually impaired supporters na bibirahin nalang lahat ng hindi sang-ayon sa atin,” Seguerra included.

Meanwhile the wake of legitimizing media killings and heckling a journalist in a press instructions, the reckless talking Duterte said he would not hold question and answer sessions for “now,” in the wake of challenging the media to quit covering him.

Seguerra said genuine change could be accomplish just if Filipinos would join together accordingly conflicting viewpoints paying little mind to political perspectives.

Hence as much as energy natin na pare-pareho tayo ng feeling about specific issues, imposible far off At kung mag-aaway tayo at mag babastusan at mag rereklamo ng walang katapusan at maninira dahil lamang iba tayo ng pananaw, at that point there can be no peace,” she included.

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