SEC promotes new chairmen

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New chairman

CPA-legal counselor Emilio Benito Aquino guaranteed as the new Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) chief yesterday, taking control of the nation’s corporate guard dog for the following seven years.

Aquino—who hails from Mindanao and had ascended from the positions at the SEC—succeeded legal advisor Teresita Herbosa, whose term finished in March. His term will be until March 11, 2025.

For over 10 years, Aquino was a rehearsing CPA-attorney situated in Western Mindanao. He trained business law subjects at the graduate schools of Ateneo del Zamboanga and Western Mindanao State University.

Aquino has served the SEC en banc since end-2016 when he was named by President Duterte as commisioner. This denoted his arrival to the SEC where he ascended from the ranks to end up the youngest executive of its previous prosecution and enforcement (PED) and nontraditional securities and instruments (NTD) departments.

He is credited for having issued the most number of Cease and Desist Orders (CDO) against pyramiding and engine compartment tasks of pseudo-venture firms. He likewise headed the SEC Davao and Zamboanga Extension Offices where he propelled capital market promotion activities and also a relentless enforcement program against investment scams in the countryside.

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Aquino had been assigned as the supervising commissioner on enforcement, human asset and administation and in addition expansion offices concerns, along these lines championing investor insurance.

“He drove the ongoing scope against illegal banks and is currently the SEC’s go-to person on cybercrimes and digital forms of money,” the SEC said in its site.

Aquino earned a BS degree in business major in bookkeeping, magma cum laude and valedictorian from the Universidad de Zamboanga in 1984. He leaped the CPA Licensure Exams with a rating of 89.14 percent.

He completed his law learns at San Beda College where he was a senior dean’s lister and silver medalist.

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