If women protests Duterte’s kiss, Duterte willingly resigns

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The kiss

President Rodrigo Duterte has safeguarded his kiss on the lips of a married Filipino lady in South Korea, and said he will resign if  women are against his kiss and sign a petition to calling for him to step down.

Duterte has portrayed Sunday’s kiss as “pure showbiz” proposed to engage a crowd of Filipino expatriates. Women’s activists called it his “perverted way” of insulting female commentators who gave angered remarks, a some of a sexual nature.

“In the event that there are sufficient ladies to… Well I think if all ladies here would sign a request of for me to leave, I will leave,” Duterte told a media preparation around midnight on Tuesday upon his arrival from an official visit to South Korea.

Social media was swirling with photographs and recordings of Duterte in front of an audience asking a unidentified lady from a crowd of people of Filipinos to kiss him in return for a book he was distributing. The lady, who seemed eager to see Duterte face to face, accepted.

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Duterte’s way

Duterte appreciates a rockstar status among Filipinos and has a faction like after among those living abroad. He said kissing ladies was his “style” amid his 22 years as a chairman in Davao City preceding getting to be president.

“Amid the battle in my mayorship days, I kiss each lady there, lips to lips,” the 73-year old Duterte said.

“The issue is you don’t have any acquaintance with me.”

Duterte’s dubious comments about ladies incorporate a few open jokes about assault. In any case, none have gouged his residential help and numerous Filipinos see his politically mistaken, hearty dialect as a feature of his allure.

Ladies’ rights advocates in the Philippines as of late propelled an online #BabaeAko (I Am A Woman) battle to communicate something specific that they were not taking Duterte’s “sexist” explanations taking a seat.

Presidential legal counsel Salvador Panelo on Wednesday said the kiss demonstrated Duterte’s minding, caring character, and the beneficiary in Seoul delighted in the occasion.

“She did it eagerly and energetically, she was delighted,” he told news channel ANC.

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