Aquino gang hijacked P10.6-B senior subjects’ assets

abad aquino garin

Aquino gang

IT is another blatant, scandalous instance of the previous regime’s culture of impunity in violating budget laws.

Just a few months before he step down from power, former President Benigno Aquino 3rd in connivance with his budget secretary, Florencio Abad, and health secretary, Janette Garin, hijack P10.6 billion in funds that were mandate by law to be use for the insurance premiums of the country’s 7 million senior citizens, according to government documents.*

This P10.6billion was rather dispense to questionable wellbeing office extends that Congress had not

approved. Best case scenario, these tasks were intend to help the Liberal Party’s applicants’ odds in

the 2016 races, by prettifying the organization’s picture as dealing with residents’ wellbeing needs.

Best case scenario however—and most likely their genuine nature—the undertakings were of the sort

that since the Republic’s establishing have been broadly know as a wellspring of simple debasement:

development of little structures hard to screen on the off chance that they conformed to details, or regardless

of whether they were work by any stretch of the imagination.

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P3 billion the Aquino group spent

Hence P10.6 billion seize stores are triple the P3 billion the Aquino group spent to purchase the flaw

Dengvaxia immunization. The previous president’s unreasonable race to buy it, to the point of disregarding

spending laws, has raised across the board doubt of debasement as commissions.

The Department of Justice, as it is doing on account of the Dengvaxia buy, ought to assemble a greater group

to explore this charged capturing of assets, that assuming genuine, has jeopardized the Philippine Health

Insurance Corp’s. funds and took a chance with the welfare of the nation’s 7 million senior residents,

the most defenseless segment of its grown-up citizenry.

Furthermore Two laws had requested the legislature to raise this P10.6 billion to subsidize senior natives’ protection

premiums for 2015 with the Philippine Health Insurance Corp. (Philhealth).

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