Ninoy and the dull truth behind the Aquinos revealed by Jose Alejandrino


Ninoy and the dull truth

Ninoy exists a quote, “history is always write by the victors”, such a saying that should leave us with questions on the accurateness of our history books, but for most cases, we tend to stick to the history that the masses accept. And this is the history that most believe in is warp and twist; this is why the complete truth has never been truly reveal.

Benigno Simeon “Ninoy” Aquino Jr., a modern day national hero and martyr to the Filipino people is technically false. He did not die from the hands of the Marcos’s and there has been proof by our helpful western assistants. Yet other facts about Ninoy are still the same, he is still a part of the Liberal Party with close ties to communist groups, specifically the Hukbalahap (Huks), but proof of his communistic beliefs has never been confirm. His brother Butz Aquino is the President of the Socialist Party of the Philipines (PSP) and he was the source of Ninoy’s socialistic belief.

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Jose Alejandrino’s disclosure

Jose Alejandrino, a dear companion of Butz in spite of being in contact with the CIA, has been welcome to week after week gatherings with his titos who are obviously two of the most astounding positioning Huk pioneers at the time, Casto and Jess Lava. Hence PSP and Huks needed to have the United States bases in the Philippines expelled for the US would dependably meddle with Philippine inward issues. In the end, Clark wound up destroyed because of the blast of Mt Pinatubo and the legal combat zone was move to the issue of the reestablishment of the rent on Subic, in which the resistance was initiate by Butz .

Alejandrino not just uncovered the connections between Ninoy the communists and the communists yet additionally reality behind his death.

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The Truth behind Ninoy’s Return

Ninoy’s been mark a “commie” by the CIA and his arrival to the Philippines that made him such an advance legend was because of his ended partnership in Harvard University. This end was a direct result of the report that the FBI submitted to the Governor of Massachusetts at the time, Michael Dukakis, who later sent it to Harvard. In the report it has been demonstrate that Ninoy was sorting out socialist cells in Boston.

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The Dark Truth: “Let resting canines lie”

It was no other than an interfering remote right hand, the CIA that affirm that it wasn’t the Marcos’ who got Ninoy kill, yet rather the result of the Aquino-Cojuanco family question between Ninoy Aquino and Danding Cojuanco. What’s more awful from this guarantee disclosure that turns history is the way that Cory Aquino was request to check the claim she react by expressing, “Let dozing puppies lie”, a confirmation of the CIA’s discoveries, an announcement that makes her at risk for the misrepresentation of current Filipino History.

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Aquino’s Disgusting Exploitation

Meanwhile political point of view, not demonstrating out the Marcos’ innocence at the time where the general population despised them was a decent choice for those Aquino’s future political professions, it would’ve given them an unmistakable preferred standpoint in the races, being the offspring of a saint and a leftover of the individual the general population cherished. They were fundamentally abusing the bogus inheritance of their dad. Other than in governmental issues, the misuse was likewise productive in protecting their notorious Hacienda Luisita.

Confirmation of this would be found in the instances of Former President Gloria

Macapagal-Arroyo and denounce Chief Justice Renato Corona whom both were

deliberately expell from their situations subsequent to undermining the well being

of their dear Hacienda.

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Furthermore ties of the Aquinos, Liberal Party and the communists are more ground

as ever. With new player in favor of their restriction, President Rodrigo Duterte,

and their past enemy’s the Marcos’ making a rebound in the Philippine governmental

issues, the Aquinos would remain determine to get their venturousness satiate.

Hence endeavoring to debilitate the present organization’s hang on the general

population by restricting the military law in Mindanao which caused delays in

securing the will being of the residents in Mindanao and by having their government

officials freely laud Joma Sison and his revolutionary standards which is through and

through purposeful publicity against our just nation.

“So much governmental issues, such huge numbers of financial interests, so much

false reverence, such a great amount of bending of our history, so much disdain, that

our nation stays partitioned as previously.”

– A statement from Jose Alejandrino

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