Chinese community leader in PH look for stricter visa conventions as violations rise

Chinese community leader in PH look for stricter visa conventions as violations rise

Teresita Ang See

Chinese community Strict Protocols

Chinese community leader here on Friday called for stricter protocols when releasing visas to tourists heading to the

Philippines, as she flagged the rise of crimes against Chinese nationals.

Teresita Ang See, founder of the Movement for Restoration of Peace and Order, said the Department of Foreign Affairs

should work it out with China and all the embassies and consulates to “not send [their] criminal elements to us.”

Consequently we are attempting to welcome Chinese voyagers, pero anong klaseng sightseers naman ang nawe-welcome natin kung

ganito kalala ang problema ang dadalhin nila,” she told radio DZMM.

Ang See said syndicates drove by Chinese nationals exploit other Chinese nationals, now and then abducting and

tormenting them to recover obligation installments.

Nevertheless kung lahat talaga ay included sa betting. Hindi naman lahat ng biktima ay nagmula sa ganiyan, yung may utang

tapos ipatutubos. Talagang ito-torment yan, ipapakita sa pamilya na tino-torment,” she said.

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Chinese nationals clamor

“Meron noise kasi na nagba-stretch out na sila, nangingidnap sila ng mga galing sa eatery, nakita nilang mukhang mayaman,

maganda ang kotse… Chinese nationals, lahat sila at 100 percent Chinese nationals. Chinese nationals clamor ang kumikidnap,” she included.

The individuals from the syndicate and their casualties frequently enter the Philippines legitimately through the “landed visa”

which is issued “upon entry,” said Ang See.

“Meron silang visa upon landing tapos mag-o-exceed sila, nonetheless magtatrabaho tapos maeengganyo sila ng sindikato na imbes na trabaho

ay web based betting ang papupuntahan sa kanila hanggang magka-utang sila. Hindi na sila makawala,” she said.

Lamentably, the Chinese Embassy isn’t a lot of assistance to the casualties, she said.

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Conciliatory post caution

While the conciliatory post would caution their natives that such situations could occur in the Philippines, it couldn’t help in finding a

mediator when the Chinese nationals are in the end hijacked and tormented, she said.

“Pag nangyari na, kaya lumalala nang lumalala ang problema, besides hindi naman kasi sila magbigay ng tulong. Analyzed sa ibang international safe

haven na talagang tutulungan ka, kahit mediator man lang hindi sila makapag-bigay ng tulong,” she said.

Ang See asserted when the police hostile to capturing agents protect a casualty yet couldn’t accommodate his board and cabin, the Embassy would ask “Who will pay for it?” when inquired as to whether the casualty could be put in an inn.

Besides dapat makipag-facilitate sila sa home nation, sa China Tingnan nila yung limit nitong mga bother an apply ng visa to come here May limit blast mag-travel,” she said.

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