Cayetano grill on China’s militarization of West PH Sea

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Cayetano  grilled by Lawmakers

Cayetano  grill by Lawmakers on how the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) is addressing China’s militarization of the West Philippine Sea. Some lawmakers found Cayetano’s answers lacking.

Cayetano on Wednesday denied doing nothing while China continued to build up its defenses in the South China Sea as lawmakers questioned the Duterte administration’s “seeming lack of response” to Beijing’s militarization of the strategic waterway.

National Security Adviser Hermogenes Esperon Jr. likewise parried recommendations of a cop-out, telling a news gathering in Manila that President Rodrigo Duterte was prepared to go to war if the Chinese hurt Filipino troops keeping an eye on the Philippines’ stations in the Spratly archipelago.

“An evening or two ago, the President said if his troops are hurt, that could be his red line,” Esperon said.

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‘Is it accurate to say that we are the objective?’

Following Malacañang’s line, in any case, Esperon played down China’s arrival of long-go planes on Woody Island in the Paracel archipelago, saying the island was not situated in Philippine region.

He likewise neglected reports that China had sent antiship voyage rockets and surface-to-air rocket frameworks on three reefs guaranteed by the Philippines—Kagitingan (globally known as Fiery Cross Reef), Zamora (Subi) and Panganiban (Mischief)— saying they represented no threat to the nation.

“Is it accurate to say that we are the objective? Would it be advisable for us to be frightened? I don’t think thus, since we are not at war with China,” said Esperon, a previous head of staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

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“So [should we protest] that? I don’t think so,” he included.

The President has taken fire as of late for not facing Beijing following news of the arrival of H-6K planes on Woody Island and the arrangement of weapons on Philippine region, with resistance legislators insulted by his platitude he would not like to go to war with a far unrivaled China.

On Wednesday, amid a hearing called by the West Philippine Sea uncommon council of the House of Representatives headed by Rep. Feliciano Belmonte, Magdalo Rep. Gary Alejano reprimanded Cayetano for declining to document a strategic challenge against China’s forcefulness in the South China Sea.

Albeit congressional investigation into national security issues are normally held away from plain view, the hearing called by Belmonte’s panel on Wednesday was available to the general population for three hours.

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Political activity

Reacting to Alejano, Cayetano guaranteed the Department of Foreign Affairs had made strategic move. “A few handfuls, possibly 50, 100—I’ll need to tally it—in the course of recent years,” he said.

Cayetano, be that as it may, approximately utilized the expression “political dissent” to allude to any outflow of contradiction.

“When we document a note verbale, that is a dissent… If we list down everything that is a challenge. On the off chance that we list down 10 things, at that point we ‘dissent’ 10 things. It’s the substance,” Cayetano said. “On the off chance that I get the receiver and I say, ‘China, what you’re doing isn’t right,’ that is a dissent.”

“We are not requesting that you believe us aimlessly,” he included. “We have been documenting a discretionary challenge, yet the faultfinders need us to report it uproariously. That isn’t helpful for the continuous talks.”

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Discretionary challenge

Cayetano rehashed this idea a few times amid the hearing as he handled inquiries from the officials.

At a certain point, Cayetano portrayed going up against China in the court of general sentiment as “the Aquino way, the Del Rosario, the Carpio-or-whatever-you-need to-call-it way.”

He was alluding to previous President Benigno Aquino III, Foreign Secretary

Albert del Rosario, and acting Chief Justice Antonio Carpio, who had been

pushing the Duterte organization to dissent China’s forceful moves keeping

in mind that its quiet be take for passive consent.

Cayetano portrayed the organization’s approach as “judicious, patient and practical” and described it as “the customary working of trust through tact.”

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Not a yelling match

Alejano, in any case, said “documenting a strategic dissent isn’t a yelling match.”

“We are presently submitting ourselves since we need to assuage China

on what they need,” he stated, cautioning that China would in the long run

set up this as the “standard” that it would decline to change.

Alejano likewise got out Cayetano for “continually sticking the fault on

President Aquino,” when the Duterte organization has just been in control for quite a while.

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