Sharon Cuneta to undergo second medical procedure

sharon cuneta

Sharon Cuneta

Sharon Cuneta shared on Tuesday that she underwent a second surgery to remove the remaining lump at the back of her neck.

On Instagram, Cuneta, who posted a photo of her hand after an IV had been removed, once again asked her fans to pray for her recovery.

“I just returned home after my second lipoma medical procedure. Substantially greater than the first. Despite everything I have a deplete appended which they will expel tomorrow. If it’s not too much trouble say a supplication for me,” Cuneta wrote in the inscription.

Cuneta, who is at present piece of “Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids,” had her first medical procedure a month ago.

She is booked to have a show in Bacolod this coming Friday as a major aspect of a Philippine visit.

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Cuneta experiences medical procedure

Sharon Cuneta experiences medical procedure, requests petitions

On-screen character Sharon Cuneta uncovered Tuesday that she experienced medical procedure to expel a bump on the back of her neck.

On an Instagram post, Cuneta said that she is as of now recuperating in the wake of going under the blade on Monday.

“Brain and heart are resting. Recuperating great. Likewise, had a medical procedure yesterday. Had a lipoma pala on my batok, and my yaya and colleague had been seeing it for some time hanggang lumaki na that they at long last let me know! Natakot na. They’re completing a biopsy on it yet I’m not terrify. It was enormous!” Cuneta composed.

Hence the performing artist, who is set to backpedal to work this week, approached her fans to appeal to God for her fast recuperation.

“If it’s not too much trouble appeal to God for me. Taping this week so I need to get all the rest I can and I ask I recuperate rapidly. Cherish you all. Try not to stress over me. God gesundheit! Sweet dreams,” Cuneta composed.

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