Duterte’s Con-Com eyes changed JBC with investigative forces 



Pres. Rodrigo Duterte Con-com

President Rodrigo Duterte’s Consultative Committee (Con-com) drafting a proposed federal Charter is looking into giving a revamped Judicial and Bar Council (JBC) the power to investigate cases against members and employees of the judiciary.


Under this proposal, the JBC would be duty-bound to probe such cases and submit its findings to the proper tribunal for further action, one of the three High Courts also proposed by the Con-com, apart from its existing function of vetting applicants to judiciary posts.


Previous Supreme Court (SC) relate equity Antonio Eduardo Nachura, a Con-com part, said this new power was the “enormous” suggested change in the screening body’s capacities.


Additionally among its forces would prescribe judges and judges for exchange or advancement to the correct selecting expert.

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Chamber Order

The chamber would likewise have another name: the Judicial Appointments and Disciplinary Council (JADC). It would have 14 individuals, twice as much as its present participation.


Besides JADC is imagined to be free from the SC, its chairmanship turned at regular intervals among the leaders of the three proposed High Courts.


Hence the JADC is proposed to have 10 ex-officio individuals: the central equity of the Federal SC, the managing judges of the Federal Constitutional Court and of the Federal Administrative Court, one delegate each from the Senate and from the House of Representatives, the Ombudsman, the chairpersons of the Commission on Audit and of the Civil Service Commission, the Secretary of Justice, and the court manager of the Federal SC.

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Demonstrate Skill Respectability

“These should be men of demonstrate skill and respectability – people,” Nachura said at a

press instructions on Wednesday.


The proposed JADC’s four normal individuals, in the mean time, would incorporate a delegate from and

assign by the Integrate Bar of the Philippines, a law teacher assign by the Philippine Association of Law

Schools, an agent from and assign by the Association of Generals and Flag Officers, and a resigned individua

l from the Federal SC to be assign by the Association of the Retired Justices of the Federal SC.


Furthermore the proposed changes to the JBC’s capacities and arrangement is among the alterations to the

sacre arrangements on the legal branch of government, which are liable to a vote by the Con-com en banc.

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