Duterte Won’t Oppose China on West PH Sea Activity

pres. Duterte

Duterte reiterate

Duterte reiterated that he would not provoke China into a war following reports that the Chinese military landed long-range bombers on an airport in the South China Sea.

“You know they have the planes, not stationed in Spratly but near the provinces facing – Chinese provinces facing the Spratly and the China Sea. And with their hypersonic, they can reach Manila within seven to 10 minutes,” Duterte said in a speech on Saturday in Cebu, according to transcript emailed by his office Sunday.

Nevertheless confronting feedback over his evident inaction on China’s expanding military movement in the South China Sea, Duterte addressed where his nation would wind up should war eject in the locale. “What will we arm ourselves with if there’s a war? Will we depend on slapping each other? I couldn’t get myself a rifle. It was given to me. So by what means will we even battle with the Chinese?”

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Confirmation to US

Besides Duterte said there was no confirmation that the U.S. would stay in favor of the southeast Asian

country if war broke out. A more possible arrangement is manufacture a joint investigation

settlement with China to saddle the questioned ocean’s potential, he said.

Hence Representative Panfilo Lacson approached the Philippine’s legislature on Saturday to follow up on China’s militarization of the questioned waters. He said the Philippines could look for the assistance of its partner nations

Furthermore the weight China to stop its military exercises It could likewise demand the UN intervention

administering won by the Philippines in July 2016.

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